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Title: A Dance For You


Author: Colette Davison

Publisher: Self Published

Published:  31 July 2018

Cover Design:  

Length: 64,000 words

Keywords : romance, dance, younger / older, bdsm, bullying,



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Exclusive Chat With Mason & David, From A Dance For You

Hi guys thanks for dropping in.

David leans forward and shakes Josh’s hand: Thanks for inviting us for a chat.

Mason: Hi. Nice to meet you!


We met Mason briefly in A Dance For Two, Mason do you have any juicy/funny stories about Adam or Luc?

Mason: One evening, when we were walking home from dance classes, we ran into a bunch of boys from Adam’s school. Somehow they’d got a couple of six packs and were shooting cans, thinking they were all big and hard. They goaded Adam into giving it a go. They punctured the bottom of the can and handed it to him. He stood there, this fierce, determined look on his face, probably convinced he was going to show them he was just as cool as they were. He pulled the ring pull and it went everywhere: over his head and clothes. A soaked Christmas jumper that stinks of beer isn’t exactly a fashion statement! He didn’t earn any points with those jerks, but at least we managed to have a good laugh about it afterwards. He’ll probably kill me for telling you that!


David, tell us a little more about yourself before the story?

David: My mother raised me on her own. She was a dancer, so I spent a lot of my evenings in theatre dressing rooms, or watching her dance from the wings. She was truly magical on stage and it was her who inspired me to learn to dance. She didn’t have much money, so she taught me and in the school holidays, I was allowed to join in with the daily ballet lessons at her dance company. I started dancing professionally when I was sixteen and worked my way up to principal dancer. As I’m sure Mason can tell you, Swan Lake was literally my swansong. My last performance before I retired and went into choreography.


This one is for both of you, if you could ask Colette to change something in the story or add a scene, what would it be?

David: I don’t think we got to see enough of Mason dancing, through my eyes.

Mason: Hah! You would say that. I bet you want an extra scene at the end, after you created the dance studio in your basement.

David: Can you blame me?

Mason blushes: Well… no.

David: Would you want her to add anything?

Mason: Another day trip would be cool.

David: As long as no boats are involved this time.

Mason: Deal, no boats. But I’d definitely like a scene away from our house and the studio.

David: You want to be away from the studio?

Mason laughs: Sometimes.


Mason, why do you think you and Adam never made it as a couple?

Mason: When Adam decided to stay home, we realised we probably couldn’t make the long-distance thing work. I was rehearsing all day; Adam was teaching most evenings and a good chunk of the weekend. On top of that, I was travelling around all over the country with Emotion in Motion. Managing to get time together was going to be next to impossible. We both decided it was better to part and stay friends, than try and fail to make it work. Maybe we were defeatist, but we were young.

David: You still are.

Mason: We were younger. Too young to make a relationship work under difficult circumstances. Besides, we work better as friends.


If you could pick any famous celebrity to play the both of you in a movie version of your story, who would you pick and why?

David: Matt Bomer. He’s pretty damned hot, don’t you think?

Mason: I hate to break it to you, but I think he’s a bit young.

David: It’s amazing what makeup and hair dye can do. Who would you pick to play me?

Mason: Ricky Martin?

David nods thoughtfully: I can see that. And he can dance.

Mason: Or John Barrowman. I can definitely see him rocking a beard to play you.

David: What about Jamie Bell to play you?

Mason: From Billy Elliot? Maybe. I think I’d go for Colin Ford.

David: Who?

Mason: Okay, maybe he’s not Billy Elliot or Ricky Martin famous, but he looks kind of like me. He’s been in Supernatural on and off for years as the young Sam. Not so young anymore. I think he’s a couple of years younger than me? That could work, right?

David smiles: Yes, that could work.


Where do you see yourselves in ten years?

David: Mason will be a principal dancer.

Mason: Maybe.

David: You will be; no doubt about it.

Mason: What about you? Where do you see yourself?

David: I don’t suppose early retirement is an option? He laughs. You know me: I like to take each day as it comes. I can’t see that I wouldn’t still be choreographing. I have thought about starting my own company. Who knows, maybe that’s where I’ll be in ten years: artistic director of my own dance company. That sounds like a nice goal.


Name something you find cute about each other?

David: The way he squirms and writhes when I tease him with feathers and other fun toys. It’s adorable and very hot.

Mason blushes fiercely and looks down at the ground: There’s nothing I can say to top that, is there?

David: Probably not.


Do either of you have any bad habits?

David: Of course not.

Mason stares at David with wide eyes and raised eyebrows: His snoring could raise the dead. And you forget to wash the sink out after trimming your beard.

David: You’re just getting me back for the comment I made about you squirming.

Mason grins: Maybe.


How do you both like to chill out together?

David: Cuddled up on the sofa, with a glass—

Mason: Or two!

David: —of wine and either some nice music or the TV on.

Mason: Cooking together is pretty relaxing, too.


Mason, what do you plan to do, when you have to retire as a dancer?

Mason: I haven’t thought that far ahead! My parents insisted I got a degree so that I had options when I did have to retire. Teaching dance is an appealing option. Maybe having a male teacher would encourage more boys to take up ballet.

Thanks guys for dropping in to chat.


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