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Juggling a new relationship and running a business based on an illusion of being sexually available is not the easiest balance.


Overcoming their differences and discovering new sides of each other, Ethan and Ryder are trying their hands at this new thing called a relationship. Ethan’s insecurities and his focus on putting Ryder’s business first are contradicting Ryder’s need to shout his love from the rooftops.


But that’s the personal side of things. The business is in trouble, too, since Ethan’s keen eye caught flaws in Black Ryder’s books and exposed the previous accountant stealing from the storage. The piles of messy ledgers are keeping Ethan busy while Ryder’s business is being invaded by pimps. To top off the new couple’s problems, a rentboy named Hayden dances his way to the front of Black Ryder’s stage with enough trouble in his wake to claim all of Ryder’s attention.



NEWS Juni 18 OC



About The Author


Meraki P. Lyhne is a Danish author with a love for the paranormal and space opera. He has been writing space opera since 2007, but paranormal erotic romance is a newer love. Closing the door to his writing-den, he delves into elaborate stories and researches ancient religions, mythologies, and arts of the world to be inspired, so he can create new creatures of the paranormal.

Why I write?

Once upon a time … nah, don’t worry.

I was once a member of a fan site and had never read a homoerotic fiction before. I just prowled the forum and read whatever came up. One day I stumbled upon a story about an incubus who fell in love with a guy. The story was very well written with a good plot, strong characters, and it was original. And the sex was something very new to me.

It would be years before I thought of trying out the genre for myself and it kinda happened by accident. I was playing around with the thought of twisting an old mythology I had read about, and one character stepped forward very clearly. But he was definitely into guys! So I let him evolve and wrote the first homoerotic scenes just to try my hands with it. The plot took form and I didn’t stop before I had written 500 pages, and now the story keeps unfolding. Of course it contains a lot more than sex, but that little spice is a flavor I really enjoy.

It has become the Chronicles of an Earned-series plus a few other plots that are rattling around in the back of my head, waiting for the right time to be put onto paper.




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