Title: Sinister Hunger

Series: Blood Stream

Author: Katz Snow

Publisher: Self Published

length: 212

Genre: Paranormal, Vampire, Dark, Hunter, Romance




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A world of intrigue. A life of lies. A future of sacrifice. 


Vincent Hudson is a vampire hunter, and his life is about to be ruined. 


When a hunting trip ends in tragedy, he is forced to do the unthinkable—seek refuge in Sanctuary Hope, where each family must nominate a member to the city council. But there is a catch.


In exchange for refuge, the nominees are turned into bloodslaves for an elite chain of vampires, and unaware of the gut-wrenching reality, Vincent nominates himself. He only wanted to save his group.


Now, a life of captivity and war await him. 








I loved Dark Silence so knew I had to give this one a go. Paranormal isn't my usual go to but I do love Vampires. I make an exception for Vampires and Maddox Well he certainly is a powerful Vampire. He was dark and certainly knew how to punish Vincent.


I'm not gonna go into what the books about but this is definitely a must read. Vincent goes through hell and not at the hands of who you think either.


I wouldn't really say this is as dark as I thought but then again after reading Dark Silence I think i'm immune to dark reads and they just seem lighter to me now.


It is a great read..I read some reviews about the beginning and taking time and not wanting to read about the fighting. Well a book has to have a start and It doesn't take you that long to get to the darker stuff but the beginning was definitely not boring and was definitely needed.


I can't wait for book 2....I don't do cliffhangers...I hate them...But I was committed before I found out it was...But again I will wait for the next book and I think that one is going to be oh so good x





After leaving school and renting a crummy flat at sixteen, Katze Snow now lives in Scotland with her wolf-dog and kitty. When she’s not writing or listening to music, she works for a top-secret, underground organization, but sshhh, it’s a secret. She finally published her debut novel in 2016. 


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