Title: What He Hides.

Series: Desires.

Author: E M Denning

Pages: 285

Published: 25th March 2018



Sue's Review




Oh boy. This one I think is my favourite.
Everett and Xavier were just perfect together. They way they got together was sweet. A bit strange maybe. I thought Everett was gonna freak out when he found out who his online Dom was.
Xavier treated Everett perfectly. Everett broke my heart a couple of times because of his past. I hated it when he felt he couldn't help X..
Andrew really annoyed me for a while but I guess he had his reasons for being like he was. A great addition to a series which started off amazing and just keeps getting better x





Everett Butcher is a successful vlogger with a secret. By day, he’s The Crock Cock, the internet’s hottest, gayest, and most naked chef. By night, he’s ConcealedandCuffed, a secret submissive who bends to the random whims that hit his inbox. To protect his identity and his career, Everett is careful to never show his face and to never play with the same guy twice. But Everett is tired of online submission. It only reminds him he has no one. When Puck1730 messages him, his world flips upside down. 


Xavier Jeffries knows he’s playing a dangerous game, but when he discovered his big brother’s best friend’s secret submissive blog, his inner Dom reared his head and he knew he had to have him. He’s been in love with Everett for years and he feels like it’s now or never. But will Everett forgive him for the dubious way he initiated a relationship? 


As the big, in person, reveal looms on the horizon, both men are on edge. Will their online playtime translate into real life chemistry and will Everett forgive Xavier when he discovers it was him the whole time? 


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