Title: The Diamond Dragon's Manny Mate:

Series: The Jeweled King's Curse Mpreg Romance Book Two

Author: Kiki Burrelli

Released: April 16, 2018



Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07C76R2L2



The synopsis: 

A Robin Hood conman, a cursed King and a brutal spell…


Flynn Stegman doesn’t love his life as a thief, but his nephew’s expensive asthma medication isn’t going to buy itself. Besides, after this last job, he won’t have to work again. The payoff is huge, but the danger involved is life-threatening. By impersonating another man, Flynn infiltrates the island of the recently discovered diamond dragons. He just needs to stay under the radar long enough to find the item he’s been hired to steal and to get out. Preferably before he’s found out and flung off the nearest cliff. 


King Sebastian has spent the last five years in mourning. A horrible curse robbed him of his true love during childbirth and he can’t shake the grief long enough to run his country. Thankfully, his sister, the Guardian Princess Sorsha has taken control of the kingdom and keeps an eye on his daughter, but there is unrest, and a powerful old enemy is using that unrest to try to take the king’s power. 


When Flynn accidentally saves the King’s daughter, his plan of staying out of sight goes horribly wrong. Five years old and full of more book smarts than should be possible in a kid her age, the little Princess has been left mostly on her own in the castle, until now. Flynn can now add, manny to a pint-sized Princess, to the list of things he’s endured while on a job. 

Sebastian can’t manage to ignore his daughter’s new manny, he feels a pull toward the man that Sebastian thought he would never feel again. A dragon doesn’t get two mates, so then why does Sebastian’s inner beast long for the sly human? Whatever the reason, Sebastian finds that simply being near Flynn is bringing him out of his grief, making him whole again. So, when he discovers that Flynn may not be who he says he is—and may actually be working with his most dangerous enemy—he’s torn between protecting the man he loves or protecting his kingdom. 


The Diamond Dragon’s Manny Mate is the second book in the Jeweled King Curse series. It may be read and fully enjoyed as a standalone. In this book, you will find excitement, magic, romance and love with a HEA while two men find their true fated mates. 








Chapter One


Perched on top of the highest tower, the full moon glowing brightly among the stars, the King of the Diamond Dragons looked out onto his sleeping kingdom. All was dark and quiet.


In the first days of his grief, he'd been desperate to overcome his pain. He'd thought that outlawing the things that reminded him of his lost one would help. Out of sight, out of mind. Now, he was staring down at a pitch-black kingdom, there was no singing, by the King's decree. There were no flowers or plants. There hadn't been a single holiday, festival, or ball in years. In the end, he'd run out of things to outlaw, and yet his heart had still hurt.


This high up, the wind was a brutal and powerful force, the same as it would be if he traveled out to the sea that surrounded the island. The gusts blew over him, creating a stream of silver dust from his body that would eventually sprinkle down and blanket his kingdom. His diamond armor was growing thinner, deteriorating off him at a faster rate than ever before. It felt as if soon, there would be no diamond left to him. 


Curled around the top of the perch, the King wondered what would happen if he simply took flight and never stopped flying. Would his people notice? Would they be relieved that the sad King had finally done them all a favor? 


He rested his large head against the tower and sighed. His heart didn't even hurt anymore, how could something that was dead feel anything at all?


A strong gust slammed into him, forcing his body to sway dangerously over the edge and the King dug his claws into the rooftop, shattering a handful of the tiles as he did. 


That answered that question. 


If he was ready to fly until the sea consumed him, then he wouldn't have dug in. There were people left to live for, namely, his daughter. 




the King couldn't look at his daughter without seeing… him. 


And so, it was, the one thing he had left to live for was also his greatest torture. 


The King tilted his head back and roared. A stream of silver fire, like wet lightning, erupted from his mouth, momentarily eclipsing the moon, blocking the light it gave off and casting the entire land in darkness and shadow. That's what would happen when there was no diamond left. Darkness and shadow.


A new wind blew, bringing with it the scents of where it had come from. The King inhaled, tasting a million different flavors in that one breath. There was one that called to him, an aroma that reminded him of how he used to feel, back when he was allowed feelings. His heart began to beat, slowly, steadily. 


Given a momentary reprieve from his grief, the King wondered about the scent. It blew in from the north, in that direction there was only sea for miles. After that, the vastness of the states. 

He pushed off from the tower and into the sky flying against the wind. During these endless days of sorrow and mourning, not much had the ability to catch his attention. If the scent was calling for him now, he would answer the call. 



Author Bio


 Kiki Burrelli lives in the Pacific Northwest with the bears and raccoons. She dreams of owning a pack of goats that she can cuddle and dress in form-fitting sweaters. Kiki loves writing and reading and is always chasing that next character that will make her insides shiver.