By Sue Bowdley


******10+stars******.....I have come to learn that Nicky makes me cry. She makes me cry a lot

I'm used to it. 


I'm not hundred percent comfortable with historical reads but i'm getting more used to them. This one I love even though it broke me...a lot.


Jacob and Elliot are so good together. But every time Elliot left my heart broke, their lives are hard. Jacob doesn't want to do the job he's doing.


His father is a j*****s and wants nothing to do with his son but moan at him and drink. He luckily has his younger sister. Elliot really only has his father the rest of his family I didn't take to (except his younger brother).


The short amount of time Jacob and Elliot spent together as Elliot was passing through was so good. Everything just flows so beautifully until Matt. Elliots old lover and the guy who taught him how to thieve.


I didn't like him. I won't say why but oh boy he is a bad one. Really bad. What Elliot goes through near the end is totally heart-breaking.


Jacob's heart was broken but Nicky always puts her readers back together again. Jacob's revenge on what happened was just perfect.


I love this book...I will definitely be re-reading it and it will hopefully join the others on my bookshelf in paperback. Top marks Miss James x





Jacob Smith is an honorable young man driven by a responsibility to be the town’s blacksmith. It isn’t his first choice, but when his da can’t dig his way out of grief, Jacob feels obligated to be the man of the house. The role includes taking care of the farm, the shop, and playing father to his thirteen-year-old sister. What it doesn’t include, is the freedom to follow his heart. 


Elliot Ryder will do anything to help his family, even if it means breaking the law. Farming sheep was never how he planned to live his days, but if he can help cushion his family’s expenses, that is where he will end up. Couriering letters across the land doesn’t pay, but thieving does. It’s dangerous, and Elliot knows the cost of being caught firsthand. 


Fate is determined to bring these men together, but can their growing affections for each other keep them there? Elliot’s past is full of secrets that an honest man like Jacob might never accept. 

Can Jacob convince Elliot to lead a more honest life before it’s too late? Or will their differences tear them apart? 


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