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Standalone MM paranormal romance

by Barbara Elsborg

Self-published  - 1st December

Word count 95,000



Blurb for Archangel’s Assassin


He wants to forget


West is an archangel’s assassin delivering justice to supernatural creatures who break the law. Not a straightforward job because he also has to absorb the memories of those he kills. Even worse, West is breaking the law himself in an attempt to free his brother from hell. If he doesn’t succeed before his archangel boss finds out, West will be joining his sibling.

He wants to remember


A young guy wakes in a London park with his memories gone. He has no idea who he is, or where he comes from. A bracelet engraved with the single word Tao is the only clue to his identity. With no sign of his memory returning, he drifts into a life on the streets. Begging is his only way to survive.


Two worlds collide


When Tao returns West’s stolen wallet, West offers to buy him a coffee. Tao delights in the chance to sit down with a good-looking guy until his instincts tell him to run away. Fast. West is surprised when Tao flees, considering how much he’d been mentally urging him to stay. Is he losing his touch or is Tao more than a scruffy young man down on his luck?

Only one way to find out.



An Excerpt
Five werewolves followed West out of The Lamb Inn. After what he’d just witnessed, he guessed the pub owner might be rethinking his once a week all-you-can-eat buffet. The shifters had consumed every piece of meat in the place and ignored the salad. It would be good to think the amount the guys had eaten would slow them down, but it would have the opposite effect and boost their metabolism.
West only wanted the alpha. A call to one of his shifter informants had confirmed Sherborne had killed a child. West wasn’t sure what he’d have done if he’d discovered it wasn’t true. Telling Raphael was also informing his boss that he didn’t trust him. It was a lose-lose situation.
Although the instruction from Raphael was to take only Sherborne, the wolves moved as a pack. Sherborne was never alone. Not even when he used the bathroom. After the insults West had thrown in the bar, and the beer he’d spilt, he knew they’d be unable to resist teaching him a lesson. Instead, they’d be the ones learning a lesson. He set off at a fast clip to lead the group away from the street lights and possible CCTV, though he sensed an Eye was watching. 
The pack trailed him, likely thinking they were moving silently, but West was on high alert, every sense tuned into and supporting his intent. He could hear the scrape of their shoes on the pavement, the rustle of clothing, even the sound of them breathing. He guessed they’d make their move when he turned the next corner. The moment he was out of sight, he zipped across the street and pressed himself into an unused doorway. It was ankle-deep in litter and he grimaced.
The only element of surprise he’d have was the moment they turned the corner, because they’d wonder where he was. But they weren’t stupid and only one appeared. The guy didn’t spot West, and moved back. Moments later, the five of them were spread across the head of the narrow street. The alpha stood in the middle.
“Get out here, dickhead,” Sherborne called.
West stepped forward. They were on him quickly, but they’d never tangled with anyone like him before.
They were fast, he was faster.
They were strong, he was stronger.






I could write my review in one simple sentence “What’s NOT To Love In This Novel.”  I have read some amazing Paranormal / Fantasy Novels this year.  Archangel Assassin is right up there at the top of the list.


What does Amnesia. Faery’s, Archangels, assassins, and Demons have in common?   They are all part of the story of this novel.


So, we start with West an Archangel Assassin, whose job is to kill Supernatural beings that have broken the supernatural laws.  Not an easy job, but add to that, every time West kills someone, he absorbs their memory and he sees the brutal and evil things that that person has done.   He is also killing for a Demon who has demanded that he brings sends the souls of 100 bad beings to hell early, to win his brothers freedom.  All this has left West cold and unfeeling towards the world.  He won’t allow himself to date anyone and survives on one-night stands, how could he bring anyone else into his dark world?   That is till he meets Teo.


Poor Teo woke up two weeks ago with no memory and only a bracelet with Teo on it.  He assumes that that’s his name.  He is struggling to survive, living at a squat and begging for money to feed himself.  When he is not begging he is roaming London trying to find something or some place that will help him remember.


It is while he is sat outside a café with cardboard angel wings on his back and a tin to collect money, that he meets West.   One of Teo’s co squatters picks West pocket, but Teo sees and manages to pick the pick pocket, and returns the wallet to West.  As a thank you West invites Teo to join him in the café.


We follow a story full of angst, Witt love and danger, as things are not what either main character believes of their own lives or the others.


I do not want to spoil the plot, So I am not going to go into detail, but we are sent on an epic journey between two worlds, both have dangers for West and Teo. 


Can they learn to trust one another even when there are enough grounds for doubt? 

Will Teo want to remember his former life?


We find out later in the book that there is a danger that threatens the worlds.  And we have our hearts ripped out and leaves us a sopping mess of mush at some parts of the story.


I loved the chemistry between the two main characters, West is moody and dark, though Teo does manage to soften him and brings a smile to his face.   We have Teo who should be devastated with little hope of finding out who he really is, yet manages to see the positives in life even as trodden down he is.


There are also a Demon who is manipulative, Another angel who loves to annoy West And West’s boss who is strict but loyal to West, even when things turn bad.


Is this review really just for one book, It feels more like a series, when I read this back.


The story is at a nice pace, fairly fast but without being too fast,  You will certainly not want to put this one down, so expect missing an appointment, a bus, or a late night or two.



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Meet The Author




Barbara Elsborg lives in Kent in the south of England. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.


After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.


She loves hearing from readers and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you’d like to hear about future releases please ask to be put on her mailing list.



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Authors Website

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Book Information 

Title: What He Needs 
Author: E M Denning 

Publisher: Paper Gold Publishing 
Cover Art by: Dana Leah at Designs by Dana


Release date: November 28th 2017


Buy Links


 Amazon UK

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A Disillusioned Dom 

A Devastated Sub 


When Craig walks into the first kink club he’s been in for months, the last thing he expects to see is his former Dom, Tim, wearing a collar. If learning his ex is a switch isn’t shocking enough, Craig quickly finds himself on the wrong side of his ex's Dom. When the reunion turns ugly, another Dom swoops in and saves the day, and Craig is too shaken to argue when the sweet Dom steps in and takes care of him.

Alan noticed the boy the minute he walked into his club. It was hard not to. He was beautiful, sad, and fully clothed. Once the boy is in Alan’s arms he knows he doesn’t want to let him go, maybe ever. He worries that even though his hardcore Dom days are behind him, his experience will scare Craig and he’ll lose the chance to have something real with him.

Their relationship quickly heats up, but Craig can’t stop wondering if an inexperienced sub will be enough for a seasoned Dom in the long run.






Alan had never seen a sight more beautiful than Craig. When he rolled the boy over and started massaging his chest he was completely pliant under his touch. Alan’s cock was rock solid almost to the point of being painful. 

Being trapped in his trousers didn’t make things any easier. From the moment he first touched Craig and the boy whimpered and then relaxed, Alan wanted him. He wanted him relaxed, and happy, and begging. Then Alan rolled him over and Craig’s breathing became shallow and needy. His beautiful cock was rock solid and it was all he could do to ignore it. This wasn’t supposed to be about that. This was supposed to be a simple massage, something to relax Craig and help him float for a while and hopefully forget about that bastard Tim. 

Then Craig whimpered again. 

“Please, Sir. Please. Please.” Craig’s voice was thick with need and his eyebrows started to draw together. The poor boy was aching for release. Alan ran his hands down Craig’s torso. He loved the way Craig’s muscles seemed to chase his touch. 

“Please, Sir. Please. I need…I need…”






I love BDSM books of most types from the heavy pain inflicting kind to the subtler like What He Needs.  Where the Sub wants someone to lead, care and protect them.  I am surprised to find out that this is the author’s first MM novel.


So, we begin with poor Craig, whose Dom left him 18 months ago, with no notes of explanation. Craig knew their relationship was starting to fail, but for Tim to leave without even trying to mend things, this not only broke Craig’s heart but left him mentally scared, believing he was not a good sub, that he did not give himself enough to Tim.


He finally has built up his courage to go to a BDSM Club, the only one that he has not been in with Tim, as he does not want anything to remind him of Tim.    But Fate can be cruel as he soon finds out when Tim comes over to speak to him.  Craig is shocked to the core, not only by meeting Tim, but that Tim is wearing a Collar and is followed by a Dom. 


This freaks Craig out and causes a scene when he bluntly shuns Tim.  Tim’s Dom thinks Craig is disrespecting him through his actions towards his sub. 

Could things get any worse?  Thankfully not, As Alan the club owner, comes over to find out what is going on.  Alan soon realises something is very wrong, and warns Tim and his Dom to stay away from Craig.


Seeing how distraught Craig is, Alans Dom side kicks in, he wants to protect Craig, but is also aware that Craig is not his, so is careful not to push the guy too much.


When Craig intervenes, and stops the incident in the club, Craig is so thankful.  There is an instant attraction between the two men, but neither dares to do anything about it.  Craig because he feels like he is a failure as a sub.  And Alan because he is bored with the endless line of Subs that just want hard core BDSM, when he wants more, he wants a lover as well as a sub.


We follow Craig and Alan as they navigate their mutual attraction and needs from each other. For them to have a future, they must prove to each other that they are all that they want and need from each other.   Craig feels protected, wanted and loved when he is in Alans company.   And Alan feels alive in a way he has not felt in a long time.  He is amazed at how Craig’s body reacts to his every touch and how natural Craig’s submission is, but most of all the love that grows between them.


I loved the strength the Craig finds to help Tim when he needs help, but to stay strong and tell Tim that he needs help and that he has helped him but that it does not mean he still has feelings for him.


The book is about finding trust and strength, and understanding.  I found the book authentic and well written and look forward to following EM Denning’s MM novels.



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Title: His Taken Omega (Mountain Shifters #11)
Author: L.C. Davis
Publisher: Self-Published
Cover Artist: Wolf Conan
Release Date: December 3, 2017
Genre/s: M/M shifter Mpreg romance
It is a standalone within the Mountain Shifter universe.
Nicholas wants nothing to do with omegas, and Avery has already signed a contract binding him to another Alpha. Fate has other plans for them both. As the omega spokesman for the infamous Futurus Initiative, Avery Callahan is a controversial figure who’s used to being envied, occasionally despised and always the center of attention. His kidnapping at the hands of the twisted omega at the helm of the radical anti-Futurus group known as Epsilon shook his perfect world to the core, and Avery’s abnormally conventional parents no longer know what to do with him. In a last-ditch effort to save their son’s reputation—and his engagement to a prestigious politician—the Callahans send him to the small, idyllic pack of Southbend for some much-needed rest and recovery. When Avery arrives in Southbend, he finds the Meyer household anything but welcoming and he immediately clashes with the rakishly reluctant head of the household. Nicholas might be a brilliant lawyer with good looks and charm in abundance, but he makes no secret of the fact that Avery is persona non-grata in his pack. How is Avery supposed to heal his own wounds when an Alpha who looks at every omega with disdain makes him question everything, including his participation in the breeding program he’s devoted his life to promoting?


Nicholas has it all on the surface—rising-star status as an attorney with his own practice, a sizable inheritance and the option of going home with any omega he chooses at the end of the night—but beneath the mask of his status, he hides a secret that makes him feel unworthy of the title of Alpha. Past abuse has left him with a deep-seated revulsion towards omegas, the very class of shifter he’s supposed to crave. He uses work and meaningless flings with other Alphas and betas to distract himself from the family life he doesn’t believe he deserves, but in the wake of his estranged father’s death, Nicholas is called home to take on a role he never wanted. Forced to give up his high-profile career and take the reins of his family’s pack, Nicholas finds himself wholly unprepared to fill the shoes of the man he hated. Because fate isn’t cruel enough, the Spirits choose this moment to send him his destined mate—a charming yet infuriatingly stubborn omega he can never love or even claim. At least, that’s what he thinks until he realizes that the very traits that repel him from other omegas draw him to Avery in a way he finds as bewildering as it is intoxicating.

Buy Links

Amazon US Series Link

Amazon UK Series Link

Goodreads Series Link

About the Author

L.C. Davis is an MM romance author with a passion for LGBT representation.

His series include The Mountain Shifters, Queer Magick and Kingdom of Night.



Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card

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book-blast-pride-of-love-by-kevin-dwyerBOOK BLAST   Book Title: Pride of Love Author: Kevin Dwyer  Publisher: Alibris Release Date: June 3, 2014 Fiction or Non Fiction: Fiction Genre/s: Contemporary, Literature & Fiction, Coming of Age Length: 143 Pages     Blurb Twenty-five-year-old Jesse Coleman endures a heinous act on him. After the case is dropped, his mother, Claire, accedes to his request to move. Leaving behind his old life, he is left with a disturbing scar on his back. Hopelessness comes in on him and he takes off the bracelet that he has worn...
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new-release-silent-terrorism-by-phetra-novak Novel: Silent Terrorism: Saudi Arabia Author Name: Phetra H. Novak Release day: March 17, 2018 Pages: 209 Genre: MM, Political, suspence   Blurb   Early morning, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Swedish correspondent cameraman Ebbe Skoog is out getting shots for an upcoming story and stumbles upon something he isn’t supposed to see. On a building site, on the outskirts of the city, four men looking a lot like the Mabahith—the secret police—are sending a bound man to a certain death by stoning.   With camera still rolling, Ebbe begins to retreat when a second...
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review-bitten-by-the-alpha-regents-park-pack-4-by-annabelle-jacobs         Universal Buy Link Length: 76,000 words Cover Design: Natasha Snow Regent's Park Pack Series Book #1 - Bitten By Mistake Book #2 - Bitten By Design Book #3 - Bitten By Desire    Review   *****   Right from the start of the book I felt I was there in the middle of this large Werewolf pack.  The Authors descriptive skills, really brings the story world to life.  Add to that, characters that are very individual and varied and that’s not just the two main characters.  All the supporting characters are also...
Written on 13/03/2018, 22:50 by Administrator
off-campus-setup      Title: Off-Campus Setup Author: Maria Vickers Genre: M/M College Romance Release Date: March 7, 2018             Levi Cox left it all behind to go to school in California, but nothing could prepare him for what he discovers when he gets there. Between the university screwing up his living arrangements, the weird meddling old woman who runs the boarding house, and the fellow student who instantly catches his eye, life in Cali is more than he expected, and he isn’t sure he’s ready for any of it....
Written on 12/03/2018, 22:31 by Administrator
cover-reveal-like-the-night-blood-bathory-1-by-ari-mckay           Cover Design: Lou Harper @ Cover Affairs Add to Goodreads Length: 123,737 words     Blurb You can run… After losing his younger sister to cancer, fashion photographer Evan St. John tries to outrun his pain, leaving New York for the excitement of Paris. His talent and striking good looks bring him to the attention of Elizabeth Nadasdy, the elegant and powerful owner of House of Nadasdy. Evan is thrilled at the opportunity to work for such a prestigious designer, but he soon discovers Elizabeth wants...
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irreplaceable-by-kate-hawthorne-e-m-denning     Irreplaceable by Kate Hawthorne & E. M. Denning Cover by AMAI Designs Cover Model Kyle Trudeau (@therealkyletrudeau on instagram)  Pages:       Links  Amazon   Goodreads       Blurb   Kyle Stafford has a crush. He’s his own boss and answers to no one…except his sister, who he’s hired to help out with his highly successful food truck business. But he’s drowning in paperwork he doesn’t understand, and while he should be focusing on that, all he can think about is the attractive man who just moved into his building. When Kyle finally gets an...
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promises-part-4-the-bounty-hunters-by-a-e-via     Author A.E. Via Title:  Promises Part 4 Series: Bounty Hunters Series Book Four M/M ROMANCE Edited by: Sue Laybourn Cover Artist – Jay Aheer PAGE COUNT – 395 Release Date: March 9, 2018   Buy Links   Amazon Link: Smashwords: Goodreads:       Synopsis     Men found him attractive, interesting even. He was like a fascinating experiment gone wrong that men liked to investigate. He’d get a date - or two, if he was lucky - but it wasn’t long before Brian’s darkness showed, and the men were running from him. Brian King was honorably discharged...
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review-nasu-by-jet-lupin   Title: Nasu Author: Jet Lupin Pages: 249    *** Special offer save $1 on Amazon USA  from March 8th ***   Blurb   Go to work. Come home. Repeat. Simple, uncomplicated, boring, but it was Phil's love, and he liked it that way. So what if he sometimes woke up with an ache in his chest that wouldn't go away because his ex broke up with him over cereal? He was a big boy. He moved on because he had to. But nosey friends and fate won't let...
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promise-me-well-be-ok         Universal Buy Link Length: 27,000 words approx. Publisher: JMS Books     Blurb What do you do when your past comes knocking? Six hundred and ninety-five days. That's how long it's been since Jude's fiancé broke off their engagement. With the help of his brother and his all-encompassing love for music, Jude glued the broken pieces of his heart back together, but when his ex shows up on his doorstep late one evening, Jude fears it will fall apart again. Two years ago, Vincent...
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bitten-by-the-alpha       Universal Buy Link Length: 76,000 words Cover Design: Natasha Snow Regent's Park Pack Series Book #1 - Bitten By Mistake Book #2 - Bitten By Design Book #3 - Bitten By Desire   Blurb Gareth’s heart is set on Cam, but Cam’s heart broke a long time ago. As alpha of the Regent’s Park Pack, Cam’s focus is always centred on its members—his personal life pushed aside after the death of his wife. Now that his pack has merged with the Primrose Hill shifters, he can't afford...
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new-release-skater-boy-hot-off-the-ice-4-by-a-e-wasp  BLOG TOUR     Book Title: Skater Boy: Hot Off the Ice #4   Author: A. E. Wasp   Publisher: Self-Published   Cover Artist: Ana J. Phoenix   Genre/s: Gay Sports Romance   Length: 75,750 words/303 pages   Skater Boy is a standalone story in the Hot Off the Ice series.   Blurb   In a world that measures success in dollars, how do you put a price on happiness? Love, marriage, and a baby carriage. It’s all Alex Staunton has ever wanted. Well, that and an Olympic medal for figure skating. The medal he got. The...
Written on 26/02/2018, 22:53 by Administrator
switching-places    Switching Places  Book eight in the Kiss of Leather series Author: Morticia Knight Punlisher: Pride Publishing Pages: 210   Blurb   Tai wishes Master Lucas wasn’t such an adamant Top, but he’s also crushing on the sweetly submissive Elliot. Could he have it both ways?   Tai has hit a wall in life. From all outward appearances, he’s the guy who has everything—looks, personality and money. But the modeling gigs are drying up and he still hasn’t found that special someone to call his own. The part-time work at Kiss...
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before-there-were-three             Universal Buy Link - Ebook Buy Links Audio: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Audible US | Audible UK Length Ebook: 36,000 words Length Audiobook: 3hrs 35mins The Distance Between  Us (Book #1)     Blurb   Before Kieran.... Seattle, 2000 - Ethan Mallory is counting down the days until he moves back to Toronto. He loves Seattle, but it's time to go home. So it's just his luck that, with a month to go, he meets Rhett Solomon. Their chemistry is off the charts, and...
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release-blitz-dead-camp-by-sean-kerr  RELEASE BLITZ     Book Title: Dead Camp 5 The End Game part 2   Author: Sean Kerr   Publisher: Extasy Books   Cover Artist: Angela Waters   Genre/s: Paranormal Romance   Length: 87364 words/266 pages   This is the last book in the Dead Camp series, five books in total     Blurb   All stories have a beginning and a middle, but it is how those stories end that we remember them. Everything must come to an end, and as Eli contemplates the loss of Malachi in a London ripped apart by war, he knows that...
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clossets-are-for-clothing           Universal Buy Link Length: 43,199 words Publisher: JMS Books     Blurb Mike’s life is carefully compartmentalized. He’s deep in the closet to his family back in Kansas, but lives life honestly and openly in Austin. He’s unnerved when Wes, his old university crush, turns up at his door in answer to a roommate advertisement, but quickly sees the potential…benefits of the arrangement. Wes has never doubted nor denied his sexuality. With the support of his family he’s an out and proud LGBT activist. ...
Written on 23/02/2018, 00:28 by Administrator
captive-hearts-by-a-e-ryecartRELEASE BLITZ     Book Title: Captive Hearts (Deviant Hearts #1)   Author: A E Ryecart Publisher: A E Ryecart Cover Artist: Meredith Russell Genre/s: Contemporary MM romance Length: 77,200 words Blurb   “Too young, too blond, too skinny. Billy Grace was everything my head told me I didn’t want. Too bad my heart had other ideas.”   When Dashiell Slater uses his fists to stop a vicious assault, the last thing he expects is to be offered a job as reward for being a Good Samaritan. Out of work and short...
Written on 22/02/2018, 00:12 by Administrator
pretty-in-pink      Universal Buy Link Cover Design: Garrett Leigh @ Black Jazz Design   Length: 58,000 words approx. Housemates Series Book #1 - Helping Hand Book #2 - Like A Lover  Book #3 - Practice Makes Perfect Book #4 -Watching and Wanting Book #5 - Starting From Scratch   Blurb Ryan isn't looking for a relationship with a guy--and Johnny isn't looking for a relationship at all.Ryan's always been attracted to tall, leggy blondes--normally of the female variety. When Johnny catches his eye at a party, Ryan's interest is piqued even though he's never been...
Written on 21/02/2018, 00:18 by Administrator
release-blitz-break-down-by-rebecca-norrine              Title: Break Down Series: Dublin Rugby #4 Author: Rebecca Norrine Genre: M/M Sports Romance Release Date: February 21, 2018                 He knows his place on the pitch, but in life, it's a whole other game. All his life, Liam Donnelly looked and wondered. Could he? Would he? And then, finally, he did. But when he sampled a taste of that forbidden fruit, his whole world came crashing down, his position with Dublin Rugby right along with it. When the chance to ply his trade in Edinburgh...
Written on 18/02/2018, 23:00 by Administrator
randall-hudson-beautiful-shame-by-m-a-innes   Series: Beautiful Shame Book: Two Author M.A. Innes Pages 181       Links   Amazon UK Amazon USA Goodreads     Blurb       Randall isn’t looking for love.   When someone likes being watched and wicked things turn them on, nice guys avoid them like the plague. Randall has learned his lesson. He looks too vanilla and sweet for people to accept that what he wants is…embarrassing and dirty.      Hudson isn’t looking for love.   He doesn’t have anything against it. He just doesn’t have time for it. Growing the family business and keeping everything under control is taking up...
Written on 15/02/2018, 22:16 by Administrator
release-blitz-hearts-and-health-by-dj-jamison          Buy Link   Universal Buy Link       Blurb Three full-length novels in a m/m romance series have been boxed up for one price! Sexy nurses with trust issues, overconfident doctors coping with reality checks, and hard-working students come together to find their hearts and health in small-town Kansas. Heart Trouble (Book #1) Fresh off his latest heartbreak, nurse Ben Griggs is wary when one of his patients shows an interest in him — especially when that patient showed up in the ER...
Written on 09/02/2018, 22:29 by Administrator
series-blitz-demons-wolves-series-by-katze-snow        Demons & Wolves Series - Available to borrow on KU Book #1 - Broken In Silence -   Book #2 -Within These Depths -   Cover Design: Jay Aheer @ Simply Defined Art       Broken In Silence  Tannerian Wulfric is a leader—a strong alpha who bows to no-one, especially those who try to undermine his authority. When an opportunity arises, he grabs it with both hands and lets nothing get in his way. Trouble is, his brother has been caught in the crossfire of glorious retribution, and...
Written on 08/02/2018, 23:39 by Administrator
new-release-what-he-craves-desires-2-by-e-m-denning     Series: Desires Author E.M. Denning Publisher: Paper Gold Publishing Cover: Designs by Dana      Buy Link      Blurb     Matt Simpson is notorious for his bad decisions. From his rocky teenage years to his tumultuous early twenties, he's made a lot of mistakes. His latest, greatest, and perhaps stupidest of them all was his recent pursuit of his boss, the unattainable Steve Paulson. Desperate to make the man notice him, and knowing Steve would never get involved with an employee, Matt quits his job. Unfortunately, Steve still won’t touch him....
Written on 07/02/2018, 22:37 by Administrator
new-release-the-winning-edge-by-keira-andrews     Universal Buy Link: Cover Design: Dar Albert @ Wicked Smart Designs     Blurb Can figure skating enemies find love off the ice? After an explosive locker room confrontation with his Russian rival ends in the most intense sex of his life, American pairs skater Dev Avira is distracted to say the least. He’s worked for years to have a chance at Olympic gold, and he can’t let himself—or his partner—down. Playing cat and mouse with the steely and smoldering Mikhail Reznikov is the last...
Written on 06/02/2018, 22:24 by Administrator
seth-and-casey-by-r-j-scott        Universal Buy Link: Length: 26,000 words Cover Design: Meredith Russell       Blurb Seth Wild is a firefighter who has lost everything. Nearly dying in a fire, he is scared and angry and chases away the only good thing in his life—school teacher Casey McGuire. When a sudden and violent snow storm hits their town he receives a message Casey and ten kids are trapped in an education centre center with no way out. There is no one else who can help, he’s the last...
Written on 05/02/2018, 22:37 by Administrator
series-blitz-westside-wolf-pack-by-zoe-perditaWestside Wolf Pack Series   By Zoe Perdita   Check out the series now, with brand spanking new covers   Book 1  free for five days (Feb. 7th-11th) And then $0.99 (untill Feb 14th)   Book2 & Book 3  On sale at just $0.99  (Feb 7th - 14th)         Burn  Book 2 Author: Zoe Perdiya Pages: 236 Publisher: Eccentric Erotica;    Buy Links Amazon US Amazon UK     Blurb   Axel Cross is a fuck-up.    The sexy tattooed wolf threw away his chances of ever becoming pack alpha at seventeen, and Ben, the pack’s omega, has no idea why.   Ben Singer has been in love with Axel...
Written on 03/02/2018, 23:39 by Administrator
new-release-just-there-for-the-pain-by-k-a-merikan       Universal Buy Link: Length: 90,000 words approx. Cover Design: Natasha Snow The Underdogs Series Book #1 - Manic Pixie Dream Boy -     Blurb ---. Whips and chains - not optional .--- Sid. Drummer for The Underdogs. Secretly yearning for pain and submission. Asher. AKA Stan. Stalker. More than meets the eye. It’s hard to find good hookups while on tour. Sid wants pain, humiliation, and the kind of sex that isn’t easy to get from one-night stands. So for now, he’s given up, settled...



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Title: Hunter
Author: HJ Perry
Publisher: LoveLight Press
Length: approx. 45k
Genre/s: erotic gay romance, fantasy
Release Date: November 23, 2017
Buy Links
Some are born as prey. Small-town orphan Pip is stuck in a rut. Life just turns in circles. He can't even escape his old school bullies, it seems... Until a hunk of a guy with magic fingers steps in and saves him. Others are born to hunt. The stranger who seduces Pip is an immortal god, sworn to him for all of Pip's lives. God in the forest and between the sheets, Hunter will have his prize. Again and again. Destiny lies with Hunter. After experiencing his first kiss, Pip discovers their fates are bound together for all eternity. Hunter has access to a world of magic and wonder, and the changes in Pip's life are almost too much to take. Now he's faced with an impossible choice…

Hunter is a hot and steamy gay fantasy with a guaranteed Happy Ever After and no cheating.

It is book one in the new Elsewhere series featuring powerful men who are not of this world.


  Excerpt: Chapter Four


 A warm fire crackled close to Pip’s head, and he woke with a start. He rolled back as his eyes focused. A fire burned in a carefully dug pit in the center of the room. Hearthstones surrounded it. Pip lay on what appeared to be a bed, much larger than any back home. A framework of wood, the center piled high with soft fur pelts, the bed dominated the room. Next to him, a dozing wolf-dog lifted its head lazily, looked at him with amber eyes, then dropped its head back onto the furs. A second lay curled at the end of the bed and didn’t wake when Pip stirred.What the hell was going on? The animal at Pip’s side rolled over, exposing his belly and pressing up against him. Pip decided they must be dogs, and exceptionally well-trained ones at that, as he recalled their behavior when they’d found him bound to a tree. He ran his hands through the animal’s coarse, thick fur. Its tongue lolled from the side of his mouth, and it panted happily as Pip scratched his stomach. Wherever this place was, it wasn’t home. Nothing like. A pelt hung over the entrance to the room in place of a door, and the walls were a rustic makeshift combination of exposed logs and a type of plaster. The room contained very little furniture, apart from the bed. A rickety shelf held some used copper cookware and a few ancient-looking dishes. It was as if this were a temporary camp with no evidence of commodities, no overhead lighting, no electricity, no… no nothing. Despite how very strange and basic it appeared, it felt warm and cozy, with a homey familiar scent about it. Pip settled back onto the bed and nestled against the wolf-like dog, finding strange comfort in being so close to such a strong animal. “Where did the rest of you go?” Pip asked as he stroked its belly. “There were so many of you before.” “They came with me.” The voice from the doorway made Pip’s heart skip a beat. He lifted his head. The man who rescued him came through the doorway carrying a bag over his shoulder, his antlers gone and skin free of anything that resembled bark. Free of anything at all, actually. He stood near the fire pit completely naked. The rest of the dogs trailed in after him; some of them climbed into bed with Pip, others settled across the room, creating a comfortable-looking pile of warm animal fur. The temperature in the room rose by many degrees, quickly. It must’ve surely been from the warmth of all those bodies. Not only was the man naked, but gorgeous, too. Pip pulled one of the fur pelts over his lap, hoping to conceal his reaction to the man’s presence.  





November 23

About the Author
helen j perry
HJ Perry is a 49 years old mother of three school aged children. They live by the English seaside and from her hometown she can see France. Helen loves reading. If it were possible, she'd do nothing else. She reads science fiction, fantasy, young adult, all types of LGBT fiction, and, of course, gay romance. Aside from reading she likes walking and watching films, most often science fiction or thrillers. HJP has written many books about men falling in love in England where, for the most part, LGBT people are treated with the same respect as anyone else. Having worked in the construction industry for years in real life, she has written many fictional characters working in similar macho, male dominated environments. Despite reading American books and watching American shows, writing American characters has been a huge challenge for her. With a lot of help, Rescued from Paradise is her first novel featuring Americans and set in the US.

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New Release

Spirit of Kilapea


D. H. Starr

Can one summer change the lives of two young men?


All-American boy Nick Pinchert, popular, athletic, envied by the jocks and desired by the girls—or that's what he wants everyone to think. Deep down, he harbors a secret he fears will rip his world apart. His summers of leadership at sleep-away camp are sacred, a time to let go of trying to meet others' expectations and just be himself...mostly.


Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, Kip Davenport has everything except parents who care about him. He's grown up shipped from boarding school to boarding school, and Camp Kilapea is one more holding station where he needs to claw his way to the top by tearing others down. Placed in a leadership position he hasn't earned, Kip plans to deal with the extra resentment the same way he always has.


When the two meet, the attraction is immediate, terrifying Nick and providing Kip with the perfect target for his manipulations. But Camp Kilapea's teachings challenge even the most obstinate. The three pillars of body, mind, and spirit force campers and leaders alike to examine their choices and to become better people.


But is the spirit of Kilapea strong enough to force Nick and Kip to lower their guards and let each other in?


About the Author


I'm a hopeful romantic with a wildly sexy side who loves to allow my imagination and fantasies to get the best of me. I believe in that look across the room that draws you to someone, but I also believe in the messy, sloppy, sweaty bedroom aerobics that make life worth living. 


I work a serious job by day, so this world of erotic romance is a welcome distraction from the 9 to 5 routine. 

I'm an avid movie collector, loving all genres of movies and I own hundreds ranging from the seventies to present. 

I'm almost 40, but not quite, but I think I only act like I'm 20. 


Kissing is better than sex if it's done right.

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Release Day Review




This book follows on from Cursed the first book in the Alpha's Warlock series.


The first book left us, after Terry came back from death, with many questions to be answered and the only answer he can give is almost unbelievable.  With Clyde’s pack chomping at the bit to kill him and even Clyde is not totally convinced of everything Terry has to say.


Terry decides he needs to go in search of his past in the hope he can prove his story to the pack.  But there are sinister forces lurking in the packs area and all is not as it seems.


This second book is very exciting and intense. I am reluctant to describe the details of the story, but I will say the plot and pace are perfect.   You also get even closer to the characters and their feelings.   With both Terry and Clyde in danger from a hybrid who seems unstoppable and determined to destroy the pack you are promised a nail-biting ending.


Goodreads   Amazon UK   Amazon Com






The story is intriguing from the start.  With Clyde a werewolf that is cursed by a witch, to change every night and not just on the night of a full moon.     


It is not until Clyde saves Terry from a house fire whilst in wolf form, that they meet though at the time Terry is not aware that it was a werewolf that saved him.  But when they do meet, and Terry finds out that Clyde is cursed. Terry manages to break the curse. And they soon become a couple.


There is a peace between Warlocks and creatures of the night, which is very fragile.   So, when Clyde (werewolf) becomes involved with Terry (warlock), This causes tension in Clyde’s pack and a lot of mistrust.


I kind of felt sorry for Clyde, being caught between the man he loves and the pack he is bound too.  As we know you do not always get to choose who you fall in love with.   And obviously the bond between pack members is so strong, and wolfs do not fare well without being part of a pack.


The story is a paranormal romantic mystery.  There are hidden forces playing behind the scenes and not everyone is who they say they are.  So, when two pack members go missing all fingers point at Terry.


I really enjoyed the descriptions of the pack meetings.  And the tension between the two main characters and Clyde’s pack.


Goodreads   Amazon Uk   Amazon Com





I found the dynamics of this story intriguing.   We have to Vampire hunters as our main characters.  Leo and Mitch, who are best friends, that have lost their parents, Leos by a vampire attack, which they both witnessed.  All they have is each other and their Vampire hunting. 

So, what happens when Mitch is turned?  Mitch hates that he has been turned into a monster as much as Leo does.  Can their love and friendship pass this test.  How do you see past the fact that Mitch is now a vampire, a monster that killed Leos parents?

The story has a little mystery, as they need to find out who turned Mitch and why?

In this the third book, we get to really feel the emotions as the characters battle to find a way ahead.  We also find out that they have both been in love with the other.  

I found the book an exciting read and constantly was encouraging the characters to come together. I have enjoyed all three books so far but I have to say this is my favourite as I really connected and felt what the characters were going through.


Goodreads  Amazon Uk  Amazon Com


Check out my reviews on the other books in the series.


Forbidden Blood

Professor Blood










On His Knees (#1 Cam & Hunter 4Ever)

Author: Adira August

Publisher: RedDeer

Length: 13k words/76 Kindle pages

Genres: Contemporary gay, BDSM, erotica


Blurb: Sometimes it's the cop who needs to hit the floor... As a homicide cop, every blood-soaked crime scene settled in my bones and snaked around my spine. There was only one way to exorcise the images from my soul ... Inside the club, I stopped to scan the room. He was here, Camden Snow. A Norse sex god in the guise of unpretentious youth. Only his ice-blue eyes gave evidence of the Dom who took whomever he wished, whatever way he wanted, with a look and a nod. Merciless.Cam found me watching him and fixed me with his arctic gaze. This time, I didn't walk away. He cocked an eyebrow. Well? The last thing I needed was mercy. I dropped to my knees. A frank exploration of the D/s dynamic between two powerful men. Consensual. Adult. Intense.


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Free on Instafreebie until Nov 24th


Excerpt It was an early summer evening, the sun half set. I was making my way to the door with one of the club’s boozeless Bloody Marys to find a deck chair and keep an eye on whoever came up the stairs. Decide what I wanted after sunset. The door opened before I could touch it. He paused, backlit by the setting sun. Golden. Glowing. Idealized male beauty wrapped in an invisible cloak of incredible power. He was so careless of it. He scanned me and grinned. As if the sight of me delighted him. No one grinned here. Not with genuine pleasure. He passed close to me, still scanning. It was the kind of moment that called for locked gazes and hardening cocks. Instead, he happily looked me over like I was a pastry display and he was deciding which succulent treat to select. Cam was fresh from deep powder and Olympic triumph. Exuding health and vitality and bonhomie and danger. I wanted to give him everything, simply because he existed. And looked at me. He reached out and put a hand on the side of my neck, his thumb skating lightly along my jawline and down, across my larynx. My insides turned to water. Don't pick me. Please. His eyes narrowed a little as if he'd heard. His hand tightened - scarcely, definitely - and withdrew. "Kneel for me when you’re ready," he said. And was gone.



huntand cam2


Matchstick Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 1

(Book 2 of 3 in the HuntandCan4ever series)

Author: Adira August

Publisher: RedDeer

Genre/s: Police Procedural, Murder Mystery, Contemporary Gay Erotica, BDSM

Length: 48k words/ 274 pages


Blurb: SEX, GAMES & MURDER Want to play? It was munch night at the most elite underground BDSM club in the Rockies. Relaxed and informal, highlighted by the weekly Matchstick Challenge game. Detective Sergeant Hunter Dane, reigning champion, looked forward to a relaxing evening to start his 3 days off. A few beers on the deck. An interlude with a sweet sub. Stumping a challenger with a new puzzle. Home early for a decent night's sleep. Some people are SO deadly serious about their games. Now Hunt has a fresh body and a new puzzle to solve in twenty-four hours if he wants to find a killer. A 48k police procedural with a liberal dose of M/M hotness. Which means our fave full-metal Dom shows up to collect on Hunter's offer of his ... coffer. So to speak.There are puzzles for the reader and mysteries to be solved. Based on characters introduced in the short story On His Knees.


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Excerpt Cam looked out the window, leaving me to myself while I drove us through the quiet dark of the Capitol Hill streets. I wondered why this killer wasn't perfectly obvious to me. I wondered if it was impossible for me to see them, being so close that everything blurred at the edges and melded together. "Did anyone ever tell you, you think too much?" Cam asked. "Did anyone ever not?" "Take the next alley," he told me. "What? Why?" "You need to stop thinking." "Cam," I put a warning in my voice. "There's not much time-" The bastard grabbed the wheel and cranked it hard right. "Shit!""Steer!" I lifted my foot off the gas, or tried to. He had his left hand on my thigh just above my knee, digging in, pressing down. "Stop it, goddamn it!" "Pull into that parking lot." "Alright! Just let go, for Christ's sake!" He released me instantly and sat back. I managed to miss the light pole and the dumpster and slide into a parking space behind a converted Victorian housing psychologists' offices. An appropriate place to stop when riding with a no limits lunatic. The offices were dark, now, but the mosquito bulb over the back door and the security lights at the rear of the building illuminated the lot. And the car's interior. Anyone walking by could see us. If they saw us in flagrante delicto, they'd call the cops. Cam had gone too far. I shut off the engine but before I could turn and bust his ass, his fingers found my seat belt release and he launched himself up and over the console into my space, his big hands slid down my arms toward my wrists. I twisted sideways and we wrestled for control of my hands. I was at a distinct disadvantage under the steering wheel. He bent me toward him and my head was on his thigh. "Stop it, Cam! Not now, we are not playing!" He fell back into his seat, taking me with him and manacled me with one hand. But we were sweaty from the struggle and I managed to break his grip, freeing my hands. He didn't try to regain them. He simply raised himself and laid his body over mine. My head pressed into his crotch, his weight forced me onto the hard lump of the console. "You can always safeword you know," he said. I heard the challenge. The taunting. He was having fun. "Fuck you," I grunted underneath him. I'd never safe worded in my life. Not to "red," anyway. "Yellow" a few times when I had a cramp or was on call and my cell went off with a dispatch tone. Safewording might have been an option for me now, if his power and the idea of being at his mercy, of which he possessed none, hadn't given me a blazing erection. He'd been betting I wouldn't go there—confident I wouldn't safeword. He really was good at this. I felt his hand at my belt in back. Handcuffs. A thrill of fear and excitement made me choke on air. I struggled again, just enough to feel my inability to stop him from doing exactly what he intended. Jesus, I was hard, weeping against my thigh, trapped by the elastic briefs. My legs were twisted and caught under the steering wheel. His body locked my right arm against the seatback. He deftly handcuffed my left wrist and calmly found my right and ratcheted the other cuff around it. This was not the infamous Dom of the club, calculatedly giving me what I needed. Not the sexual virtuoso of last night, expertly bringing me everything I never knew I wanted. Pleasures I never thought existed.This was the sadist in his element. Loving what he did to me because of what it did for him. Then, suddenly, I knew who the killer was.  





Book Title: Dancing Men: Hunter Dane Investigation 2

(Book 3 of 3—and counting—in the HuntandCam4ever series)

Author: Adira August

Publisher: RedDeer

Genre/s: Police Procedural, Murder Mystery, Gay erotica, BDSM

Length: 70k words/385 pages


Blurb: You have to bury the past, or the past will bury you. An ancient burial urn, empty for millennia, is suddenly not so empty. When Detective Lieutenant Hunter Dane probes the murder at Natural History Museum, it's his own past that haunts him. To solve the complex case, Hunter needs the talents of Camden Snow, the brilliant, beautiful, “no limits” Dom who'd helped him unravel a very peculiar, and very personal, murder. But Cam's ready to kill Hunt, himself! Their high-intensity D/s relationship that began in a playroom, ended in an emergency room. “If you want to be with me, you'll have to do more make some big re-entry gesture,” Cam said. “That’s just more drama. You’ll have to work for this, Hunter.” “All right. What work would that be?” Hunter asked, eager to perform any penance Cam gave him. “You’re the champion puzzle-solver and ace detective. Unravel a mystery.” Hunter’s brows pulled together. “What mystery?” “Me." For adults who love some mystery with their men. A 70k police procedural with a liberal dose of M/M heat. The 2nd of the Hunter Dane Investigations. Matchstick Men, their 1st case, also available on Amazon. Their next case, Psychic Men, will be out in spring of 2018 Excerpt The Mystery “You are familiar with the Tamil burial jars case I’m hearing?” the judge asked as she led him into her chambers. “Enough to know the case exists,” he said, putting his professional face on. Why would they need a homicide investigator for an international property dispute? “I should mention I’m acquainted with Doctor St Clair who was appointed head of the research team.” “I see,” she said, taking her chair but not inviting him to sit. “Do I have to go over confidentiality? I was informed with you it wouldn’t be necessary.” “It isn’t,” he said. “Good.” She sat forward and clasped her hands on the desk. “Expert testimony the Court finds to be compelling establishes the impossibility of determining the geographic origin of the jars or when they were created and sealed without extensive testing. There will be a problem of international relations if I award the urns to the Denver museum and later testing reveals clearly that the plaintiff did have standing.” Hunter nodded. The judge cocked a skeptical eyebrow at him. “You understand the issue?” “It will look as if we must have known all along and used a technicality in the law to keep the jars here. I imagine they have more than scientific value?” he said. A slow and very small smile appeared. “Have a seat,” she told him. He did. “At my request, Doctor St Clare sent a doctoral fellow to take air samples from the jars to determine how long ago they were sealed. That was ten days ago. I received the results on Friday. So did the attorneys. After which, I issued a gag order.” Hunter waited for her to get to the point. “I’m curious, detective, what you would guess the tests showed?” “At least one of the air samples had a much higher level of carbon dioxide than would be present when the jars were made. And traces of methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and nitrogen. Decomp gases.” Her Honor nodded. “There’s flesh rotting in one of those jars and it wasn’t put there a thousand years ago,” Hunter said.


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About the Author


TYPOS ARE MY TRADEMEARK I write mostly BDSM EROTICA because I love exploring the power dynamics in terms of the love relationships. The work is explicit. It's always consensual. If you have triggers about certain kinds of practices, use discretion. I do not make kink lists for my titles. I went to school interminably, it seemed like. I studied anthropology and paleontology and genetics and literature and theology and ancient Greek. I chased down bad guys, raised children, climbed mountains, played poker, searched for dinosaurs and have had a rather large number of lovers. (I'm not giving up any numbers because TMI) Through it all, I wrote. No wonder I'm so tired.




You can read all my books stand-alone. There's plenty of information about what happened previously in Hunt and Cam's story for you to easily follow their relationship arc. The mysteries are always complete within the stories. BUT if you're a romance lover, the relationship story is not a romance. It is a love story. But it's also the story of two independent Alpha males: one gay and one bisexual, one Dom and one switch with a preference for BDSM. And they aren't simple, take it from someone who shares headspace with them. I love these guys. They surprise me and challenge me and break my heart, sometimes. They inspire me. (Just some FYI for the new readers. Hi. Welcome.)Addi


Social Media Links


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Release Date 2018


beautiful aquaintence

They say bad luck always comes in threes. For Tristan Collins, it seems to be an ever consistent pattern. Pain and misfortune follow him everywhere he goes, and no matter what he tries to do, he can't seem to escape them. The only thing that keeps him going is his resilience; hitting rock-bottom and picking himself back up is the one thing he's always been able to do. Until his mother's bone cancer resurfaces and forces her to reveal a dark, hidden secret. 
Tristan's soul doesn't belong to him. 
It belongs to a demon. 
After the death of his mother, Tristan is then thrown into the hands of his abusive uncle. In order to keep a roof over his head, he endures the misery of his situation until he can land a job and eventually move out. But living with his uncle soon becomes unbearable, and Tristan is thrown out onto the streets, cold and hungry. 
One dark night, an alluring stranger named Ambrose crosses Tristan's path. Much to his horror, Ambrose turns out to be the very demon hunting his soul, and he's come to collect it. 
Pleading fruitlessly for survival, Tristan convinces the demon to spare his life...for a while. Instead of devouring him on the spot, Ambrose gives Tristan two options: be eaten here, or play a dark game of catch and release until Ambrose tires of the chase. 
Will Tristan accept the deal, or will he succumb to his inevitable end by the hands of Ambrose, his demon master?

breaking roadblocks


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BREAKING ROADBLOCKS is available on Amazon on NOV. 10th

On Release Day, you can read it with KU.

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With their marriage on hold, Shane begins to stumble. All he wants is to be Julien's husband but he just can't seem to make the right choices when it comes to proving to Julien that he is his top priority.


To make matters harder, Shane is being forced to see the hatred in the world. Being in an interracial BDSM relationship isn't welcomed by all. Most surprisingly from Shane's so called friends and others from their small BDSM community.


Julien and Shane work together breaking through roadblocks to stay together as a black and white BDSM couple. No matter how hard Shane tries, he gets in his own way, with a little help from a couple of people actively working against them as a couple.


The couple fights against their enemies to stay together. When things get rough, they fight for their love.


This story is steamy hot, but it isn’t just a story of BDSM. It is a story of love and hate with a well-deserved HEA end to the series.


Other books in the series are here:

All Books are on KU.




Oh wow, what an exciting read. Stepping into Darkville is like stepping into Gotham, where corruption and violence rule.


I thoroughly enjoyed each book. The characters are so real even those with supernatural powers. I love the chemistry between the main characters, especially Titan and Apprentice, I found their chemistry and love to hate to love, relationship fun. The action is exciting and believable. 

You get a real gritty and dirty feel for the story world that is well described. 


I know it will be a book that I will re-read again.


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The latest installment of the Cubi series.  Fountain of beauty continues the story of Danial the young prince of a Cubi kingdom.  The story is set in a real world with the Cubi living on the same earth, but with very different culture and fragile treaties between humans and Cubi.  The author has yet again done a fantastic job of world building mashing two different worlds into one. With vivid descriptions of the Cubi culture and their hierarchy and laws. I am not sure how the author keeps track of all the details of the Cubi world.  I can see a full wall of sticky notes behind their desk lol.


With each book the cast has grown a little, with the main characters of Danial the young prince, Sheldon Danial’s lover and righthand man and Coulden Also Danial’s lover and left-hand man.  The dynamics of the love triangle works well and often ends up with some fun times and teasing each other.


Danial learnt in the last book that he was in fact the kingdoms prince and is struggling to learn every detail of the Cubi culture, history and laws. Unfortunately, he is attempting to do so as his people are thrown into a war against the humans in the USA.  Other kingdoms have rallied around Danial’s kingdom including the king of the north (no not John snow) Nol Elakdon, who is the guardian of Danial’s kingdom until a royal came to power.  Due to the circumstances and Danial’s ability to learn and make rational decisions and of course with his team of his two advisors.  The grand council and most of the royals of other Cubi kingdoms have consented to Danial’s crowning to be made early,


The plot is well paced and full of the twists and turns and surprises that we have come to expect in this series. At the end of the book we see Danial on the brink of being crowned and of a new chapter in the history of his life and kingdom.   I am eager to see what happens to his old school friend Aaron as he has joined Danial and his friends.  He does seem shocked but also accepting of his current situation.


I truly feel like this series could be made into an epic movie or a tv series. Though they may need to tone down the steamy sex scenes lol.

So, my final thoughts on the Fountain of beauty.  Is that you are in for a nail-biting and page turning journey that will leave you feeling as though you’re in the middle of all the action. 


Goodreads   Amazon UK    Amazon UK


If you have not read the other books in the series, you can check out my review of book one Untouchable Beauty Here



Book Title: Bernie

Author: A E Ryecart

Publisher: A E Ryecart

Cover Artist: Meredith Russell

Genre: Contemporary MM Romance

Length: 60,600 words


#4 in the Barista Boys series, but it can be read as a standalone.


Blurb “You fix the lives of others. The waifs and strays, the lost and broken, you fix them all, Bernie. But the life that needs fixing most of all is your own.” Bernie Porter is a haunted man. He holds tight to the guilt that he was responsible for the death of the only one he’s ever loved, a man he vowed to protect and keep safe. Every frightened and damaged kid who washes up at Barista Boys door, Bernie rescues each and every one – all because of the man he failed to save so many years before. Emotionally and physically scarred, Jared Hastings survived a night of violence and madness that almost left him dead. As he emerges from the nightmare that threatened to destroy him, Jared’s determined to plunge head-first into a future that’s free from the horrors of his past. A night-time street robbery, and Bernie and Jared are thrown into each other’s worlds. But as fast as Jared comes into Bernie’s life, he’s gone, leaving Bernie with the gnawing conviction he’s let something precious slip through his fingers. Their paths cross again in a way neither could have foreseen. From their first tentative steps, the slow burn of their relationship gathers pace. But as dark histories are revealed, and souls and hearts bared, each man finally comes to understand they can fix not just themselves, but each other.lone


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“You know,” Jared said as tilted his head towards the wicker chairs for them to sit down, “I never for one moment expected to run into my Good Samaritan again, and especially not here. Lindy said you’re an old friend of Mikey’s. How long have you known him?”


Bernie sipped his drink, buying himself time. This wasn’t a conversation he wanted, but it was inevitable the question would come up. How he’d met Michalis was tangled and screwed up, and a nightmare that haunted him still. The innocent question had a far from innocent answer. He needed to pick his words carefully as he had no idea how much, if anything, Jared knew about his brother-in-law’s business activities.


“I’ve known Mikey for years. We met when he had business interests in nightclubs.” The answer was bland, but it was true, every single word of it.


Jared had been about to take a swig of beer, but he paused and tapped the rim of the neck against his lower lip. Bernie watched him, seeing the questions swimming in his eyes.

“Do you still work with him?”


Bernie stared into eyes that didn’t flinch or waiver. He’d never said he’d worked with or for Michalis. He’d deliberately omitted that part, but Jared was smart and had seen through his carefully constructed answer. What Jared thought of that, Bernie had no way of knowing. But this was a question he could answer in all honesty, and with no ambiguity.

“No, I don’t. I worked with him in the early days, and not for long. We parted company and took very different paths in life but we’ve remained good friends and I hope we always will.”



Neither spoke, nor moved, as they looked deep into each other’s eyes. Bernie exhaled a long breath, and Jared’s lips curled up into a big smile that held more than a hint of relief. Whatever Jared meant by his one word answer, Bernie wasn’t going to delve, not when Jared was smiling at him and making his heart beat faster.




Bernie is about two broken men with painful pasts It is about how they deal with their turmoil and how the accept each other for who they are now.   They both have to find the inner strength to accept themselves as they are and trust the other will be there no matter what    I enjoyed the banter between all the characters which lightened the the story and stopped the book from being gloomy.


I really connected with the characters, though sometimes I was screaming at them to tell the other one how they felt,  or why they were holding back from one another. Though it is always easy to tell people how to do something, when your not part of the story which is full of emotions.


The book is the first I have read in the series and now I want to read the other books





About the Author


A E Ryecart writes mm romance/gay fiction. Filled with angst, high drama and emotional tension, she writes the books she likes to read. An avid people watcher, most of her writing takes place in a local café amidst the background hum of hissing coffee machines, where she can check out the other customers for character and story inspiration! A born and bred Londoner, she may have moved to someplace more leafy but the city is still very much part of her DNA, which is why her books are set in and around present-day London, providing a thrilling, metropolitan backdrop to the main action.



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earned 6.5 1
It can be read as a stand-alone and you don't have to read it to follow in book 7, Seedling of Lilith which will be going off to editor, soon.But if you're new to the world, it's a good little look behind the curtains at this huge world building, and if you're a fan and need something to hold you over until #7 comes out, you get a hint about what's coming.
Purchase Links

Chronicles of an Earned is a series where you’ll meet the entire spectrum of the paranormal. Where good and evil isn’t black and white, where Angels can be wrong, Demons not always the evil ones, and where witches, warlocks, and wizards aren’t as clear cut as general culture has you believe. Here, historical and mythological facts are twisted but kept as reliable and true to their sources as possible. All this with a side dish of hot and sweet MM.





What happens when you put a young fox shifter in the same house as a shifter hunter?   That’s a story.  But Zoe also adds that Edward the fox is 18, homeless, and looking after his little sister.  Now the story just got doubled in interest.  But just to add to the mix, Poor Edward survived an attack by a shifter hunter that not only killed his father but also cost Edward the ability to speak due to having silver in his throat. Which means he speaks via sign language and via his mobile phone.  

Max Hunts shifters that have killed humans, he does not have any issues with shifters that abide the law.  But he is in a minority of hunters. Max life is his hunting, he has no time for anything else.  Until Edward is caught up in the hunt for a fox assassin.  Having come face to face with the assassin, Max via his friends in the local police force persuade Edward to stay under Max’s protection with his sister.


Both must adapt to each other and learn to trust the other.  Whilst hunting the assassin who is a sly fox.


I adore Edward, his fearless attitude and determination to protect his sister at all costs.  He doesn’t complain about his lot in the world.  He just adapts and moves forward.  


Zoe has done a wonderful job with both characters and the plot certainly had me on the edge of my seat a few times.  In fact I am having trouble writing this review as I do not want to give too much away.


I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I went and bought the rest of the series.


Goodreads   Amazon UK   Amazon Com

Book 6  In the Oliver and Jack Series

In the noisy, crowded streets of London, where shadows hold secrets often too horrible to describe, an orphan and his beloved pickpocket attempt to rebuild their shattered peace. This is the love story of Oliver Twist and the Artful Dodger. 
As Jack recovers from the sexual assault at Chalenheim's hands, he finds that he is unable to express his love for Oliver with any intimacy. Oliver, meanwhile, rescues Finley from Axminster Workhouse, and returns to London full of love for Jack and the desire to do whatever is necessary to help Jack recover his dignity and his passion.
Chalenheim is still on the loose in London, waiting for another chance at Jack and Finley, which soon comes. Though they escape with barely a scratch, Oliver vows to rid the world of the man who would dare lay hands upon his beloved Jack. 
In London Towne is the sixth and final book in Christina E. Pilz's Oliver & Jack gay historical romance series. If you enjoy stories about forbidden love battling against the dark forces that threaten to tear them apart, then you'll enjoy this tale, so pick up a copy today!
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This is another entertaining story from this author, What I really liked with this novel is the chemistry between the two-main character.  They feel right together and feed off each other’s strengths. 


Grant has just served 8 years in prison for a crime he did not knowingly commit, but his family who tricked him into being a getaway driver, swiftly lay the crime on Grant.  All he wants to do now is get on with 


the rest of his life and put the prison sentence and his family behind him.   Things are looking up for Grant when he has a stable job, and soon gets promoted.  Along the way he meets Noah and things look rosy for a while.


Noah is a struggling singer, touring the country and playing in dive bars to try and catch an eye from a agency or record company.   Then he meets Grant and the instant attraction soon turns into much more.  Noah also becomes an overnight success, when his YouTube video goes viral.

But seeing Grant and his boyfriend success, it’s not long before Grants family try to cash in on his association with Noah.


We are taken on a romantic journey with lots of obstacles along the way, Grant finds it difficult to talk about his past to anyone never mind someone important in his life as Noah.  But can he tell noah before someone else tells him?  And what is the fallout when the information is public knowledge?


I so wanted their relationship the succeed, so much so that I found it difficult to put the book down, as I constantly wanted to see what happened next.  The author is really good at adding uncertainty and mystery into his romance novels.


Goodreads   Amazon UK   Amazon Com





Wrestling for Love, continues Derick and Scots story as they head to University.  We follow the guys as they navigate living together, and coming out.  Derick decides to be out and proud early in the book, He joins the LGBT Alliance.  But Scot is afraid to come out, as he is still on the wrestling team and is afraid of what the team would do if he was out.


The story revolves around how the guys deal wiith their differences.  As if that is not enough Derick soon finds out his friendliness and thinking the best of people has come back to bite him on the bum. Derrick meets Tyrell at the orientation class.  Tyrell is open and forward in his attitude to being gay.  Initially Derrick kind of believes that’s a good thing.  But soon Tyrell causes lots of trouble for Derrick and the knock-on effect trouble between Derrick and Scott.  Derrick is outed publicly and harassed by Tyrell. 


Thinks get very difficult between Derrick and Scott especially as Derrick refuses to report Tyrell for his behaviour.   But when push comes to shove, they both see the bigger picture, and learn new things about their selves.


Once again, the characters come across true and the story flows nicely with a good mix of conflict and happy times.  I am really enjoying following the boys journey in life and cannot wait to continue the journey and see where it takes them.


Goodreads   Amazon Links To Follow





Adrian is the vampire king, who is currently the target of a unknown assassin.  Being around,10,000 years old, he has given up on love, and without love has become tired of life.  He set against the idea of having a personal bodyguard babysitting him.  He believes all attempts on his life have been easily dealt with, why would he need help now?  


Xavier has agreed to be a body guard to the Vampire King, Expecting the task to be just another ordinary bodyguard duty.  But what he finds is a stubborn, immature man that fights against him being his protector.   But Xavier is also attracted to Adrian and fights his feeling for the King.  Trying to remain professional, after all what could come of it, they are from different worlds.


What follows is a story of changes and adaption, with some home truths.  Can Adrian allow Xavier   into his heart.  He has to decide whether to risk Adrian leaving him.


All this is going on as an unknown person is out to kill the king.I found the clash of personalities interesting and occasionally even funny. The story was well paced and descriptively written.  Drawing me into the story world.


I look forward to book 2


Goodreads    BookStrand

A good period Drama, must make the reader feel like they are right there in that time. And an Unsuitable Heir really does a great job of this. From the Brash men, to gentry, The foggy London streets. All the good ingredients for a story set in Victorian times.
This Novel has two very distinctive and very different main characters. With lots of mystery and angst.
We start where Pen a runaway trapeze artist, who is kind of hiding from his step family. Bumps into a man with one arm, on the fogy streets of London.
There is instant attraction between them. But unbeknown to Pen, Mark is a private investigator, who is in search of Pen and His twin sister.
Mark tries but fails to keep his attraction in check, as he feels it is unprofessional to fall for a person he has been hired to find.
Slowly Mark manages to convince Pen that he is A heir and rightfully a earl.
But Mark is not prepared for Pens disinterest in becoming an earl. Mark feels compelled to go against Pens wishes and Makes Pens status known. This does the opposite of what Mark intended and puts Pen and his sister in greater danger of a killer who has been trying to destroy evidence of Pens rightful title.

Mark now must hope Pen will forgive him, so he can protect him from the mysterious murderer. 
Eventually the killer is found, but does this mean Pen has to live a life he doesn’t want. Will he have to conform to what is expected of an Earl, is there any escape for Pen, and will he be able to trust Mark once more?
This is such a vivid read of a period in history that I love. The book has mystery, romance, hope, fear, loss, sadness, tension all mixed into a exciting and intriguing tale.




I Found this book very interesting, right from the start. It is a kind of opposites attract, but as the characters become closer and learn from each other. You find that maybe’s they are not so different after all.

Xander is anti-social, he keeps to himself and only communicates with others when he must. He avoids all social situations and even social media. And this is where the story Starts and how Xander meets Skyler. 


Xander needs to promote himself and his art as part of his qualification. And Skyler’s Frat House members have destroyed a piece of art at the Collage, so he feels bad and wants to do more than just make things right. He offers his services as a business promoter to the ART dept. and to Xander in general.


Now you will have already read other reviews warning that there is NO SEX in this book, but if that is usually a problem for you, I’d say give this book a try. No sex does not mean no intimacy or even no love making. One partner is not sexual but between them they find a way to be intimate and I dare say in their own way make love, which to me makes this book so much more intimate.


The story is very well thought out, and each scene brings things to the whole picture. The characters are chalk and cheese at the beginning, but by the end you realise that neither is quite what you expected, as a team they are a force to reckon with.

I really enjoyed every word of this story, so much so that I have bought the Carry me Ocean series, that was mentioned in Meredith Kings review.


Goodreads   Amazon UK   Amazom COM





Oliver and Jack are on the run, leaving London for Lyme Regis. We follow their Journey in book two.  We see another side to Oliver, as Jack gets ill.  Oliver finds help in the form of a House Keeper at a Stately home.  She calls the local doctor to treat Jack.  But this also means Oliver is obliged to work to pay the doctors Bills.   


So, this time tables are turned for a while at least.  And Oliver finds himself doing anything he needs to do, to ensure Jack gets the care he needs.   This of course does not bode well with Jack who believes he is the stronger, wiser guy, though he does appreciate what Oliver has done to ensure he recovers.


Oliver’s perfect picture of his mother is shattered and That makes Oliver determined to get Jack to find his family.  Of course, Jack refuses to budge on the subject.

I really like the way the author changed the Characters dynamics temporary without changing the character in total.  She has managed to show, we will do anything and everything for the ones we love.


As with the first book.  The story stays true to the original Oliver and Jack (Dodger), you really do feel like you are continuing the boys journey through life. 

You also get a vivid feel of the world back at the time the story takes place.  You are absorbed into the story world.


Goodreads    Amazon UK    Amazon Com


This story is a cleverly woven with three main characters being Quinn A being created by warlocks, Desmond a warlock and Ralph a vampire prince.
Quinn is the central character, known as a warlock companion, created just a year ago to help the warlocks get the upper hand in the war that has been raging between warlocks and vampires. All seems straight, forward right?

It should have been, but fate has other ideas. A chain of events starts when Quinn’s warlock master is killed by Ralphs vampire brother. This sets Ralph on a mission to find Quinn, to see how his brother was killed.

When Ralph catches up with Quinn and takes him prisoner to question him. There is an instant attraction between them, a pull to each other.

Then the creator of Quinn comes after him and takes him back to Warlock territory. Where Quinn finds out he is not just a standard companion, He also has the same kind of pull toward Desmond his maker.

Quinn is caught between the two men, who are on opposite sides. Can they work a way for them to live together, can they find a solution? All this is happening in a bitter war that rages on around them.


The story is about trust, understanding and adjusting and hopefully finding common ground. The book paints a vivid story with three very different characters that weave a complicated life ahead.


The story is an exciting read, nicely paced and vivid descriptions.




I really enjoyable read that has a little romance, a little mystery, a lot of paranormal and a little humor, and some fighting as you'd expect in a paranormal book. So put it another way it is a paranormal, mystery, romantic thriller. It certainly has you on the edge of your seat in parts and all gooey in other parts. You will be wanting to read just one more page .... and just one more and so on.

Valentin is a vampire on the run from other vampires, after he witnessed his coven being wiped out and his sire poisoned. He knows his time is numbered, on top of that he drank his Sires blood to see who killed him. The blood has poisoned his system and he is slowly losing his powers.


Shawn is a were-cat Jaguar, that has left his pride (pack) when he meets Valentin in a bar. something attracts him to the Vampire. and he instantly feels protective of the vampire. And so the story starts when three powerful vampires turn up and attack them. Succeeding in escaping we are off on a adventure and chase across Europe.


I loved Shawn's protective nature of Valentin, Both characters are well rounded but with Valentin 's health slowing failing it is up to Shawn to look out for him. But Valentin is taken before Shawn can get his head around being fated to a vampire. He has to figure out a way to save his mate before it is too late. 


The story is nicely paced and the world is presented to us vividly. I felt the atmosphere around the characters and the fear they were in.

An exciting read for any Paranormal book lover


The author of this book is new to me, so I did not know what to expect. I am so pleased that I took a chance on this book. It is not quite like the typical coming of age /coming out story.

Both characters are strong mentally and well balanced. They are so different in how they deal with their emotions and yet so compatible. Neither is stronger or weaker than the other mentally and emotionally, which is a nice change from the typical Jock meets Nerd/Geek. They are both technically Jocks.
The story is about their meeting and navigating their new love and life in general. Derick finds it difficult to express his emotions in words. And Scot is good at expressing his emotions and at reading Scots emotions.

The Story is so well written, and delves into the character’s thoughts and emotions so well, you kind of see the world through them. The author has done a fantastic job of showing us the pressure and challenges young people have to deal with in today’s world.

Although based around Wrestling, you do not need to be a wrestling expert or even a fan of wrestling to enjoy the book. 

You may think that this book may be gloomy from what I have written but you would be so wrong. The author manages to keep the story warm and light most of the time. It is one of those books you will not want to put down once you start reading. 

I am having withdrawal symptoms waiting for book to to be re-edited and released.

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This book was a fantastic read. A story of a young man that has constantly been mentally battered by his family. At first, Ryan comes across as an arrogant young man. But when he meets Misha at a fencing club, he is soon put in his place on the piste. After realizing he is not that good at fencing he asks Misha to teach him how to fence. There is a lot of tension and battles between them, but the sexual tension builds. Eventually, they give in to their mutual desires. This is where Ryan finds things out about himself. Like he feels at home on his knees in front of Misha. And Misha also learns things about Ryan, such as his messed up background, his down to earth attitude and determination to make his own way in life, even with a trust fund. There are rocky moments between the two of them, misunderstandings.

I have given this book 5stars because it is so well written, and shows BDSM as real and not just someone's fantasy come true. Loved both characters but Ryan just amazes me with his attitude to life and how he copes with his broken family. And how Misha gives him the courage to take control of his life.

I Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Oliver and Jack (Dodger) When the author asked for arc reviewers, I just had to offer. I love period drama's, I love Oliver Twist (who does not?) and I love gritty stories. And I am happy to say the author delivered them all. The story is well written and I felt as though I was there at Oliver's side. We first see Oliver living a good life, and he often turns a blind eye to those who are in the position he was once in. Not because he is ashamed and uncaring but because he is trying so hard to forget his past. But with Jack back on the scene and His Employer/ Master's disregard and meanness to an orphan's life. Something breaks in Oliver's mind and he stands up to his Master. And this sets off a series of events that lead to Oliver being back where he was on the streets as a thief. The good news is he and Jack become close and eventually get it on. But events force them to run from London..... And so I wait for book two lol.

So well written and the time period and characters are well portrayed. Great read.

A wonderful and fitting end to the Collars and Cuffs Series.

Having read the whole series. Endings and Beginnings, has to be one of my top three from the series. I had no idea what to expect. The plot is cleverly tying (no pun intended) the characters new and old that suffered at the hands of Curtis Rogers. I really enjoyed the mix of some really funny humour as well as the emotional elements of the story. Even better we get to see two guys starting their journey as a Dom and Sub. JJ started working at the club not knowing what to expect but what he finds instead is honest and caring men who act as a family and protect each other. 


Darren briefly, featured in Trusting Thomas, in a very powerful and emotional scene between Thomas and his Boy Peter. Darren has always been a leader in his hair salon, but something awakened when he witnessed the scene between Thomas and Peter. Something that kept knawing away in his mind.


Both Darran and JJ realise fairly early on their journey that it is the bond, a strong and powerful connection between Dom and Sub. That is what they both need and have been looking for.


We also get to see all the familiar faces as many of the stories end. Pietro and Miles finally set up home together, Jarod and Eli say good by to Manchester to set up their own BDSM club in London. Scott and Ben get married. And Alex leaves the restaurant to put his degree to good use in Marketing.


A really enjoyable read, Like the whole series. The series shows that BDSM relationships are not just about power and control, but there is trust, love, need and loyalty as well as protectiveness between the couples.


KC Wells and Parker Williams have outdone themselves with the final chapter in the C&C series. 
I know I will re-read this series many times in the future. Just to reconnect with the wonderful characters.


professorblood ance,




This is the second book in Anna Wineheart  Ironwrought Vampire series.   I really enjoyed the first book, and this one was to me even more enjoyable.  I love the love hate relationship between Quinn a 200-year-old vampire and a young student that also hunts and kills vampires.


Quinn does not drink from humans, not since he accidently drained and killed his sister.  Quinn is a scientist and his ambition is to finally find a way of making a fake blood substance that will feed vampires as good as human blood does.


Branden’s parents were killed by vampires, and ever since he has been on a mission to kill all vampires and save the humans.

They really should not be attracted to each other, putting themselves in danger of other.  But we all know that if there is an instant attraction there is nothing we can do to stop fate happening.


Branden soon learns that Quinn is not like most vampires and is fighting a all mighty internal battle to keep to no human feeding.  But Branden cannot accept that he has feelings for Quinn and even informs the FBI about Quinn’s friends Seb and Oriel, Oriel’s blood is very addictive to vampires and puts them in a frenzy haze, The FBI wants Oriel’s blood to use as a weapon against vampires.


Branden realises after finding out that the FBI have caught Quinn, and have stolen Oriels blood that there is something very wrong going on, and that he actually is falling in love with his Vampire.  But has he realised in time to save Quinn and his friends.


  A very well written paranormal / romance / thriller.  That is exciting to read as the tension builds and builds as you read the book.  As with the first book Forbidden Blood,  The characters are real and easy to connect and relate to them.


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Oriel's blood is addictive to Vampires. The authorities want his blood to wipe out the Vampires. Poor Oriel is on the run from both. And hides in a garage. Only to find out that Seb the owner of the house is a Vampire. They slowly learn to trust one another but not fully. Seb vows to protect him. But they are caught up by the Feds Can they save each other,

This book is an exciting read, with a will they won't they turn on each other and will Oriel be caught by the Feds or Vampire coven leader.

Well written and nicely paced with good believable characters






The book starts when the two main characters meet by coincidence at a coffee shop. Kyle is a school teacher and out of practice on the dating scene. Brad is the co owner of a fitness gym, Who is in over his head looking after his 17 year old niece while her mother is in rehab. There's is an instant attraction between them. And things progress quickly.

Rachel takes a liking to Kyle and bonds with him when she finds out he has suffered at the hands of his mother too. But one mis calculation by Kyle threatens everything.

The book also deals with a Troubled teenager, who is a little off the rails, though Kyle knows that the real Rachel is still there and needs nurturing to break free from all her problems and abusive mother.

Thee underlying theme for me is that Family and parents are not always those who bring you into this world. But those who love us, Those who accept us as we are, and those who believe in us, even when we are at our darkest.

Now you may think that this book is too dark and deep. But Jason has managed to keep the story light and often funny, without marginalizing Rachel's problems.

A warm romance which is a pleasure to read.





I found this book enjoyable, seeing Jamie overcome abusive parents and fellow pack members. To find happiness and acceptance in a new pack, who embrace him as their own. What follows is a pack attack from Jamie’s old pack who want him to return home as they are ashamed of him because they believe he can not shift into his wolf form. But he is hiding the fact that he's in fact a special white wolf, that is much stronger than a normal wolf. The reason he is hiding his true wolf is because he is constantly being abused and accused of undermining his alpha, and if they saw his white wolf they would cause him even more hurt.

So when he is embraced by his new pack they think it is an honour to have a white wolf as part of their pack.

Overall an enjoyable read, though feels a little fast paced in places, that may be more to do with the book being aimed at the Young adult market.

Worth reading and leaves you with a smile, when he gets his revenge.


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A fantastic series, full of action, love, humour.   I loved every page of this series.  My favorite character is Corbijn,  Erins (not boyfriend!).  
Although the story is set in a modern world, you really get a feeling of the mystical world within the real world.   Very descriptive writing.   The characters are real and really do compliment each other perfectly.  We have snazzy dressed vampire Corbijn,  We have the cool logical Erin. leading the gang from Magic/ Vampire wars, to investigations to diplomatic missions.   And all three novels are tied up nicely in a surprising way, but you will just have to buy the books to find out how.  The author certainly put the characters through their paces, and there were heartaches along the way.  I heard a rumor that there may be more to come from Erin and Corbijn  and co.   I can not imagine what they might get involved in if they do return.   But I know I will be first in line to buy anymore of the series.



Great story in a interesting world and cultureI have really enjoyed both books in this series. The author has built a great world and culture, and you learn about both as the main character does. Slaves can have a pretty good life so long as they don’t cross the line, As Danial witnesses one slave being punished.

Great descriptions and characters, always want to turn the page and find out more about the world and its people. 



Oh Wow. The characters are so real that I thought I was there right in the centre of the Brothel (or was that a dream lol). KC Wells beautifully introduces us to Mitch and Nikko, both complicated men in a nice smooth flow. And the story unfolds smoothly too, at just the right pace. From their very first meeting at the Brothel, which Mitch only went along with by being pushed by a work colleague. He doesn’t do casual encounters normally. But once he spends time with Nikko, something quirks his attention, and he has a sneaky suspicion that all is not as it seems, concerning Nikko. Mitch sets off on a mission to find out what is going on. But nothing can prepare him for what he learns, and a domino effect that happens. 

I was Glued to the book page after page, I wanted to know what would happen to poor Nikko. 

My review

Coveted Is a paranormal mystery. Jason has done an excellent job of creating eerie atmosphere, foggy streets with little or no people at night. People who have the answers but won’t talk. And a Evil family with a hold on the city. All set up a great and intense mystery. Usually I am quite good at guessing where a story is heading, even mysteries. But I was wrong with this one.
This story to me has all the right elements that kept me wanting to read on and on.
Austin Arrives in town to search for his missing father who is a private detective. He meets a guy named Dereck who is the only person that will help him search for answers. Unfortunately, They have to seek information themselves which includes Austin coming face to face with the family that he believes is involved in his father’s disappearance. They find help in the strange places, and with each other’s support they find the answers they are looking for. 
I have followed Jason’s books and he has yet to disappoint. But to me this is one of my favourite books of his.

My Review
I really liked this story. The author has done a fantastic job building a unique believable world. Revealing the world more and more as you read. I loved how Gray Shadow was telling the young pups about their history and using some of his magic to show them images. I great way of introducing us to their world.

The quickly became attached to both main characters Luca/Ghost and Kane. Ghost is incredible, going through so much but still being stronger for it at the end. He also has a fun playful side to him which really makes him adorable.

The story is nicely paced, I note that some readers found it slow. But for me to give the world and characters justice, It was perfectly paced and there is plenty of action and tension in the story throughout.

I am so looking forward to book two. Well done to the author for a exciting vivid story.

My review
I was pleasantly surprised about how good this story was. It is a period drama set in Victorian time London / Countryside. Deacon and Tom are briefly thrown together, whilst Deacon is rescuing his Cousin Beau, who is at a seedy club that is about to be raided. After he is rescued Tom is sent to Deacons family estate to start a new life. Five years later with the death of Deacons Father, which means Deacon is now responsible for the country Estate. Upon his arrival, at the estate He is surprised to see Tom still working on the farm. They have a few secret moments together but hide their love from other staff. Both try and fight their feelings for a very taboo and life threatening love of each other. They are Separated later in the story, as Toms past catches up with him, Can Deacon rescue Tom once more, and how can they have a future together.

The story is well paced with just the right amount of conflicts, The characters are believable and you do bond with both main characters, wanting them to work through the obstacles. I think the autor has done a great job of describing the period and has left me wanting a sequel, not because of a cliff hanger, but because I am connected to Deacon and Tom.