Hybrid Incubator by Meraki P. Dark :: New Release


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Title: Hybrid Incubator

Author: Meraki P. Dark

Publisher: Taboo Booxxx

Published: 24 May 2019

Length: 67,420

Keywords : Dark, Taboo,  mm, gay, sci fi, tentacles, Dystopian, Erotica, 

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Hybrids with frisky Tentacles and a young man full of questions make for a pretty interesting combination that allows for unexpected emotions.


The conspiracy theorists of the world might have gotten something right. Maybe not the details, but they got something right. Secret experiments exist!

The details they didn’t get right were probably down to not having the imagination for what an ass can be used for.

A Ph.D. in one hand and a dream in the other, Alex strikes out multiple times getting the job of his dreams. One job interview left him feeling so down that he needed a stiff drink. Depressed, slightly drunk, yet still obsessive enough to believe in a brighter future, Alex makes the mistake of trusting the wrong person.

Enslaved, marked as a lab rat, and stuffed into a windowless room to await testing to be conducted on him. That’s the future for Alex. Until one of his captures overhears half a conversation. Maybe his ass isn’t the only useful thing on Alex. And maybe even the worst roads ventured can lead to fulfilling a dream.

Author’s Bio

  Meraki P. Dark (Alta Ego of Meraki P. Lyhne) is a Danish author with a love for the paranormal and space opera. He has been writing space opera since 2007, but paranormal erotic romance is a newer love. Closing the door to his writing-den, he delves into elaborate stories and researches ancient religions, mythologies, and arts of the world to be inspired, so he can create new creatures of the paranormal.