Fagin’s Boy (Oliver & Jack #1) by Christina E. Pilz

I Thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Oliver and Jack (Dodger) When the author asked for arc reviewers, I just had to offer. I love period drama’s, I love Oliver Twist (who does not?) and I love gritty stories. And I am happy to say the author delivered them all. The story is well written and I felt as though I was there at Oliver’s side. We first see Oliver living a good life, and he often turns a blind eye to those who are in the position he was once in. Not because he is ashamed and uncaring but because he is trying so hard to forget his past. But with Jack back on the scene and His Employer/ Master’s disregard and meanness to an orphan’s life. Something breaks in Oliver’s mind and he stands up to his Master. And this sets off a series of events that lead to Oliver being back where he was on the streets as a thief. The good news is he and Jack become close and eventually get it on. But events force them to run from London….. And so I wait for book two lol.

So well written and the time period and characters are well portrayed. Great read.

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