Beautiful Shame: Christopher And Ethan by M.A. Innes

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Title: Beautiful Shame: Christopher And Ethan

Series: Beautiful Shame book 3

Author: M.A Innes

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 14 December 2018

Length: 174 pages

Keywords : Romance,  spanking, exhibitionism, consensual humiliation play, and BDSM elements.

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Beautiful Shame: Christopher And Ethan by M.A. Innes


Christopher can’t help that he looks so innocent but has such dirty fantasies—and even if he could, he wouldn’t want to. He might not have any actual experience with humiliation or guys in general, but he knows what he wants. Ethan. He just has no intention of going after him. 

Ethan has done his best to be careful around his painfully shy college roommate. He might think Christopher is cute and a little awkward, but that doesn’t mean he wants to make him uncomfortable. But when a college assignment takes a naughty turn and outs Christopher’s dirty desires, Ethan has to decide if he’s willing to take a chance and give Christopher the humiliation he desperately longs for. 

Christopher might think his fantasies should stay hidden in the darkness, but Ethan knows it will just take the right person to show him how beautiful and freeing they can be. 

Beautiful Shame: Christopher And Ethan by M.A. Innes


 You’re still playing with your hard little dick, Christopher.” Pointing out his naughty behavior was way more erotic than I’d ever thought it would be.

He stilled for just a moment, but then it started again. “I’m sorry. I can’t…it’s…you have to…”

“I have to what, Christopher? I have to let you come?” Hell, please let that be what he’d meant.

His head jerked up and down in sharp, quick movements. No hesitation. No fear.

Would he be that confident when he finally came down from his need-induced high?

If I was going to have to apologize later, it might as well be for something we’d both enjoy. “Then you have to ask for it, Christopher.”

That frustrated, desire-filled moan echoed in the room again. His breath hitched several times, then his head came up so he was actually looking at me. To reward the huge step he’d taken, I moved one hand from my thigh so it rested right by my erection and let my thumb trace over it.

Christopher’s eyes widened as he realized he wasn’t the only one in the room who was ridiculously turned on. He licked his lips, and his gaze stayed focused on the finger that was going back and forth down the length of my dick.

“You have to ask, Christopher. I won’t make you beg this time, but you have to say the words.” Because I needed to know what the fuck he wanted, primarily…and because hearing him ask would be orgasm inducing.

“This time…” He glanced up at my face before focusing back on what his body seemed to want more than anything.

“If that’s what you want.” We definitely needed to have a talk when we weren’t too turned on to function. “Is that what you want, Christopher? Do you want me to humiliate you and tease you like in your fantasies?”

His entire body seemed to jerk.

“I…” He licked his lips and closed his eyes like he was trying to focus. “But you’ve never said…I mean done…”

I chuckled, and the low sound seemed to send another shiver through him. “I thought you were straight and vanilla. There was no point in making you uncomfortable when you seemed scared of me.”

“Oh.” Then his eyes opened again. “But you don’t…mind…this…”

There was honesty and then there was potentially oversharing. I went with oversharing. “I like watching you squirm and try to get yourself off. I like knowing that there are all these dirty fantasies running through your mind, and I especially like knowing I’m starring in them. I bet all you want to do is crawl over here and hump my leg while I watch you get yourself off. Isn’t that right, slut?”

And he fucking came.


M.A. Innes / Shaw Montgomery’s  

Christmas Funnies 

My funnies Christmas memory comes from when I was about twelve. My siblings and I had woken up so early “Santa” hadn’t been in bed long. We were looking at all the presents under the tree and shaking things to guess what they were. With four kids in the family it looked like a mountain of toys, but the most interesting one was a red Jeep that was big enough for the two youngest siblings to drive around in.


We were being so sneaky and quiet because we knew it was too early to wake up our parents. My younger sister was about seven at the time and she sat down in the car. It didn’t occur to any of us that the car would already be charged so she pushed the pedal just to pretend, but the car rammed into me. We all screamed as it lurched forward. We’d been trying to be so quiet but clearly didn’t succeed in being sneaky enough. I still remember that rush of adrenaline as that car ran into me and I tripped over the presents sitting around it. We still tease her about the time she tried to run over me with her car. 

Author’s Bio

 I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom erotic romance and BDSM erotic romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. M.A. Innes is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. Previews of all preorders will be available on my website.

Author’s Bio