An Unsuitable Heir by KJ Charles

A good period Drama, must make the reader feel like they are right there in that time. And an Unsuitable Heir really does a great job of this. From the Brash men, to gentry, The foggy London streets. All the good ingredients for a story set in Victorian times.
This Novel has two very distinctive and very different main characters. With lots of mystery and angst.
We start where Pen a runaway trapeze artist, who is kind of hiding from his step family. Bumps into a man with one arm, on the fogy streets of London.
There is instant attraction between them. But unbeknown to Pen, Mark is a private investigator, who is in search of Pen and His twin sister.
Mark tries but fails to keep his attraction in check, as he feels it is unprofessional to fall for a person he has been hired to find.
Slowly Mark manages to convince Pen that he is A heir and rightfully a earl.
But Mark is not prepared for Pens disinterest in becoming an earl. Mark feels compelled to go against Pens wishes and Makes Pens status known. This does the opposite of what Mark intended and puts Pen and his sister in greater danger of a killer who has been trying to destroy evidence of Pens rightful title.

Mark now must hope Pen will forgive him, so he can protect him from the mysterious murderer. 
Eventually the killer is found, but does this mean Pen has to live a life he doesn?t want. Will he have to conform to what is expected of an Earl, is there any escape for Pen, and will he be able to trust Mark once more?
This is such a vivid read of a period in history that I love. The book has mystery, romance, hope, fear, loss, sadness, tension all mixed into a exciting and intriguing tale.

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