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Book Info

Author: Jack L. Pyke

Novel: Don’t… (2019 re-edited edition)

Series: Don’t… (Book 1)

Genre: MM BDSM psychological thriller romance.

Tags: Very dark romance.

Cover artist: Adrienne Wilder

Paperback: 495 pages

Cover Reveal

Title: Don’t… see the Culler. What the paperback to Don’t… (book 1) reveals.

When it comes to cover art, if you go through a trade publisher, cover art always remains at the publisher’s discretion. The author will be allowed to request two or three minor changes, but final decisions and choice of art most times remains with the publisher. The good thing about this is that publishers already have an established readership, and they know what kind of imagery attracts their readers. The downside for an author is potentially having so little input on the cover art itself.

Something I’ve done recently is move over to self-publishing – and, boy, is it different! Authors get complete control on the choice of art, but again it has its pros and cons to deal with. Yes, you get complete control of your cover image, right down to font and what goes on the spine, but then you have the time and cost needed to find a damn good cover artist who can put it all together and make it hit a note with readers.

With the Don’t… series, I’d been through a publisher with the 1st edition for the series, and I wanted something really different for all the reedited 2nd editions, something that subtly tied them all together as they stood on the bookshelf.

For the front cover, I wanted a more ‘thriller’ feel: hence the reflection of the naked guy in someone’s camera. But when it came to the spine and back cover, I wanted something more unique to the series itself, but couldn’t really settle on what.  So I bounced a few ideas around with a very good friend who knows the series as well as I do.

For the spine, one of the favourite concepts was a BDSM collar that would piece itself together as each book was added to the shelf, mirroring how Jack Harrison’s BDSM world is broken down in isolation, then slowly put back together again as each new edition is added. But with that, I needed to know exactly how many books there would be in the series. And at the moment, it’s a series I’d like to keep open, so that idea had to be shelved. In the end for the spine, we settled for a bullet and how each novel will either have a black spine or white. The black and white reflects Gray Raoul’s ‘culler’ lifestyle: either psychopath or sinner, no grey areas in between.

Which brings us to the back cover. Oh boy. If you’ve fallen for Gray as a psychopath & sinner, or have yet to get to know him, this is for you.

Following the spine, each back cover will either be black or white, with that black/white ‘’no grey areas’ characterisation. Don’t… (book 1) starts us off with a black back cover, yet the image on the back only shows a faded echo of a man in a suit, with no discernable facial features. And that’s how each novel will come: each one having a different image of a man in a suit, always that faded and hidden face appeal on either a black or white background. It’s done to follow Gray’s culler lifestyle and character complexity in general: yes, how you’re either in the black or white with him, no shades in between, but added to how we first meet him in Don’t… how he’s always there in the background no matter how far away he feels, he’s still cast as a shadow in the grey area of life even if his decisions remain so black and white in reality.

Why no facial features and pictures allowed of him in general? That’s something you learn in Fractured, Don’t… book 6. For how hard this man is as a culler for the monarchy and MI5 counterterrorism operative, the reason is actually quite… heartbreaking. But then all three men in the Don’t… series are put through hell in true psychological thriller style.

The 2019 reedited edition of this Don’t… series is great for readers who haven’t read it before. The first novel, Don’t… is available from KU as an ebook, ready to download as part of your subscription, but it’s also available in paperback from Amazon too, and the rest of the series will be re-edited and back out soon as well.

Huge thanks to Adrienne Wilder and his cover art! Also to Josh for having me over today to reveal the full cover for Don’t…!

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Paperback Cover


“Don’t… bleed for me.” ~ the Unknown. Saying Don’t around Jack Harrison always did lead him into dangerous grounds on London streets. But now someone knows Jack’s head inside and out, and they’re about to twist all perception and lead him into an underground depravity that nearly sent him down in his youth. As Jack slips further into a dark psychological minefield, only two men offer different paths back to sanity: Gray, a man who knows Jack’s every dark thought, and Jan, the first man to show Jack a “soft lad” approach to head and heart. But with deadly games and ghosts bleeding through into Jack’s reality, it’s a fight to see who out of the three of them will survive long enough to find a way out of the vicious game played by someone known only as… the Unknown.

Author’s Bio

 Jack blames her dark writing influences on living close to one of England’s finest forests. Having grown up hearing a history of kidnappings, murders, strange sightings, and sexual exploits her neck of the woods is renowned for, Jack takes that into her writing, having also learned that human coping strategies for intense situations can sometimes make the best of people have disastrously bad moments. Redeeming those flaws is a drive, and if that drive just happens to lead to sexual tension between two or more guys, Jack’s the first to let nature take its course.

Two of Jack’s works, Don’t… and Antidote (Don’t… book 2) picked up Honorable Mention Awards at the 2013 (Don’t…) and 2014 (Antidote) Rainbow Awards. Antidote was also a finalist (Rainbow Awards 2014).

Jack’s also a contract editor with Dreamspinner Press, Harmony Ink, and DSP Publications, which basically means she’s very happy with not only writing MM, but also editing it too.

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