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Title: Casey

Series: Leashes & Lace, Bok 4

Author: Shaw Montgomery

Publisher: Self Published

Published: 22 February 2019

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Length: 57,000 Words

Keywords : Mild BDSM, Gender-Fluid Dressing, Romance,

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Casey knows what he wants; he’s just not always sure how to go about getting it. He knows he’ll never get Preston, the sexy man who runs Leashes & Lace, to notice him unless he’s ready to open up and step out of his comfort zone. But can he really tell the confident, sweet man that what he wants most of all is a master?

Preston knows that what he wants might be startling for the shy man he’s starting to fall for, but after a year of dancing around their attraction to one another, he knows it’s time to take things to the next level. But will Preston’s wide-eyed accountant be able to accept that Preston isn’t as vanilla as he might appear?

When shyness and secrets stand between two men who are perfect for one another, it might take friends near and far to give them the push they need.


 Would he like me in panties?

I probably should have started with something simpler, like if he actually liked me in a more personal way than just as an accountant he knew. Unfortunately, my brain didn’t work that way. It jumped right to the crazy parts and stalled there.

If he ran a crazy-successful company based on lingerie for men, then he had to like it. Right?

I was pretty sure that line of logic wasn’t too badly flawed, but that didn’t mean he wanted me or wanted me to wear it. I’d tried to imagine what he would look like in the panties and lingerie that were on the site, but the picture didn’t work for me.

I just couldn’t see him in a little red G-string—but I could picture him looking at me in a little red G-string.

I should’ve just broken down and asked Lane what kind of guy Preston might like months ago. The closest thing I’d come to was asking if Preston was gay. Even that had taken several lunches to work up the nerve to bring up.

Lane had answered, but it hadn’t been hard to see the grin he was trying to hide, so I had a feeling I hadn’t been as subtle as I was trying to be.

Good god, what was Eli doing?


Author’s Bio

  I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom erotic romance and BDSM erotic romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. M.A. Innes is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments. Previews of all preorders will be available on my website.

Author’s Bio

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