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Rider Dillinger likes who he is and he knows what he wants. He works hard for one of the toughest teachers on campus and he likes to unwind the same way any other twenty-something does; with sex. When his friends with benefits arrangement ends badly, Rider finds himself at the school health clinic where he meets campus nurse, Eli James. Rider thinks this will be a simple hook-up, but he doesn?t count on the connection that forms between them. He sees this as his golden opportunity to tell Eli his secret desires, after all, what has he got to lose? 


Eli James was enamoured with Rider from the moment he saw him. His round eyes, and pouty, innocent mouth hid a man who wanted sinfully delicious things. The idea of sharing Rider appeals to Eli, but only on his terms. As they navigate a relationship based on emotional exclusivity and sexual variety, they end up falling deeper and deeper in love. 


When an event neither see coming rocks their world, Rider knows he needs to do something drastic to rectify the situation or risk losing Eli to the crushing weight of guilt.


***Half As Much is the story of two men who enjoy emotional exclusivity and sexual variety. It is 100% consensual and is not cheating, but if sex outside the OTP isn’t your thing, this is not the book for you. In my usual style however, it is 100% sweet and has a guaranteed HEA*** 









The way Rider tore his clothing off and stared at Eli, practically begging to be fucked, had Eli entertaining the idea of keeping him. He barely knew Rider. Scratch that. He didn?t know him at all, but he liked him. He seemed sweet, and was definitely funny, and easygoing. There was an openness to him that Eli liked. He felt it in the way Rider had melted into him when they?d kissed. He saw it in the way Rider had scrambled out of his clothing and stood there without a single bit of noticeable self-consciousness.


Outside the clinic, he?d liked the way Rider?s jeans hugged his ass and the way his chestnut hair was brushed to the side. Then he?d looked up at Eli and he was struck by how sweet Rider looked. And when he?d blushed he looked so innocent that Eli found himself desperate to ruin him. Rider tugged at the hem of Eli?s shirt and commanded him to take it off and it made Eli wonder which one of them would end up ruined. If he was lucky enough, it would be both.


Eli did as he was told and stripped his shirt off. Eli?s hands were on Rider immediately. He put them on Rider?s sides, then slid them over his chest as Rider worked on the button of his jeans. ?Your skin is really soft.?

Laughing, Rider unzipped Eli?s jeans, then shoved them down. He wrapped his fingers around Eli?s cock. ?I bet you say that to all the boys.?




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 e.M. Denning

E.M. Denning is a writer from British Columbia. She loves her family and animals, and anything cute and fuzzy. She was born a hopeless romantic, and when she?s not writing romance, she?s probably reading it. She loves love.


You can find her on her website, Facebook or on her blog.

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