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In these more than trying times, so many people seem angry, afraid, depressed, and on edge. What?s the cure?


Check in with sexy Cal Cozzi and his gay resort on the gorgeous cove at the New Jersey Shore. A trip to Cozzi Cove is like visiting a panacea, where romance is always in the sea air, and nothing is what it seems at first glance. Gaze at the magical spot where the azure sky meets the turquoise sea. Listen to the singing of the sea gulls, the pounding of the foamy waves on the jagged rocks, and the stirrings of love. And meet the array of handsome and very interesting men whose secrets are ultimately revealed.



In each of the novels, you?ll be transfixed by the continuing story of Cal and his family and friends. You?ll also be tantalized by four additional interwoven storylines per novel about the captivating guests in the bungalows. The quirky characters, mystery, drama, sweet romance, plot twists and turns, beautiful locations, and happily ever after endings will entice you. The first novel, Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back, won a Rainbow Award Honorable Mention and TBR Pile Book of the Month. The next three novels, Cozzi Cove: Moving Forward, Cozzi Cove: Stepping Out, and Cozzi Cove: New Beginnings, continued generating accolades with reviews like Divine Magazine?s: ?No one writes like Joe Cosentino, and no book of his is less than a five-star journey into laughter and fabulously original characters and HEA’s…surprising, beautifully written, and giggle-snort wonderful. Highly recommended.?


Now in Cozzi Cove: Happy Endings, hunky Cal Cozzi is thirty-four years old. He and his husband Michael enjoy sharing the cove with their one-year old son. When Cal worries about their financial future, Kevin Donovan, who Cal had on a crush on in high school, appears at Cozzi Cove offering to buy the resort for a hefty fee. Of course, Cal?s top one-percenter sister, Taylor, is ready to rejoice. However, Michael does some investigating and finds out Kevin?s offer isn?t exactly what it seems. Cal hires a new houseboy and nanny and romantic sparks fly. Carlos is an exhibitionist who believes he is the reincarnation of Adam, the first man. Alfred has Mormon paraphernalia is his bureau. However, this is Cozzi Cove. Nothing is actually what meets the eye. A professional matchmaker, Gilead, checks in with his clients: Marine Master Sergeant Matt Pummel, young businessman from Hawaii Keone Paoa, and young writer Luis Lui. Two matches are made, but who ends up with whom will surprise you. Nyx believes he was abducted by aliens in the woods. When he meets Kurt, who believes he is a sexy werewolf, the two share many tantalizing moonlit nights leading to a shocking climax. Will each couple have a HEA? Of course! This is Cozzi Cove, called a gay fantasy island.







The porch door swung open to Carlos Araujo. The young man was in the buff with his large olive-toned muscles and club-like penis on display. ?Good morning.?


Cal moved behind his desk in the living room, not quite believing his own eyes.


Carlos approached the desk. His dark eyes glistened in the morning sunlight emanating from the window. ?I?m ready for a new adventure.?


?It seems you forgot to get dressed this morning, Carlos.?


He unleashed a row of white teeth. ?One of the many benefits of working at a gay resort in the summer.?


?Not exactly.? Cal felt older than his years. ?This isn?t a nudist camp. If you want to work here, you?ll need to put on some clothes?and keep them on.?


Carlos sighed. ?You may want to rethink that, Cal.?


Cal did a double take. ?Excuse me??


?Many brilliant people were nudists, including some past presidents like Roosevelt, Adams, Johnson, Kennedy, and Richter. Though I wouldn?t want to have seen any of them naked, except maybe Kennedy. He was pretty hot.?


Cal stifled a grin. ?Richter wasn?t president.?


Alfred said, ?He invented the earthquake measuring system.?


Noticing someone else was in the room, Carlos flexed his huge biceps. ?And Richter would have shaken like an earthquake if he measured these.?


Cal said, ?Carlos, this is Alfred Castle, C.J.?s nanny.?


 ?Hey,? Carlos replied, checking himself out in the wall mirror.


Alfred put his hands in his pockets and looked down at his shoes.


Cal cleared this throat. ?Carlos, how about you put some clothes on.?


Carlos said like an adolescent facing curfew, ?Do I have to??


?Yes, you have to,? Cal replied.


?You?re the boss.?


?Yes, I am.?


Carlos shrugged his large shoulders, sprinted out to the parking area, pulled some clothes out of his trunk, dressed, and hurried back into the main bungalow. With his pec, back, ab, thigh, and calf muscles bursting out of a lime tank top and white shorts, he spun in front of Cal?s desk. ?Better??


?Much,? Cal replied.


Cal looked out the window as Michael got into his sports car and drove off. The sun was already out in full force casting a golden ray over the bay.


Carlos followed Cal?s gaze. ?This place is like paradise.?


?No argument here. My great-grandfather and Michael?s great-grandfather built it. My brother renovated it with my sister?s money, including the solar panels on the bungalow roofs.?


Cal noticed Carlos was combing his hair, clearly not listening. He sat and turned on his computer. ?Any questions about your duties, Carlos??


?No. They seem pretty basic, especially stocking the night table drawers with condoms.? His dimples appeared. ?I?m accustomed to that.?


?It?s for the guests.?


?Speaking of the guests, I do have one question.? Carlos rested his palms on the desk and his pecs swelled like melons. ?Can I take off my clothes when I make up the bungalows?? He grinned. ?I imagine the guests would love it.?


 Author Bio


 JOE COSENTINO was voted favorite LGBT mystery, humorous, and contemporary author of the year by the readers of Divine Magazine for Drama Queen, the first Nicky and Noah mystery. The other Nicky and Noah mysteries are: Drama Muscle (Rainbow Award Honorable Mention), Drama CruiseDrama LuauDrama Detective, Drama Fraternity. He is also the author of the Cozzi Cove series (NineStar Press): Cozzi Cove: Bouncing Back (Rainbow Award Honorable Mention/TBR Pile Favorite Book of the Month), Cozzi Cove: Moving ForwardCozzi Cove: Stepping OutCozzi Cove: New BeginningCozzi Cove: Happy Endings; the Dreamspinner Press novellas: In My Heart: An Infatuation & A Shooting Star (Rainbow Award Honorable Mention), The Naked Prince and Other Tales from Fairyland (Open Skye Book Reviews Favorite Audiobook of the Month) followed by Holiday Tales from Fairyland, and the Bobby and Paolo Holiday Stories: A Home for the Holiday), The Perfect Gift, The First Noel; and the Jana Lane mysteries: Paper DollPorcelain DollSatin DollChina DollRag Doll (The Wild Rose Press). He has appeared in principal acting roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O?Donnell, Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor, and Jason Robards. Joe is currently Head of the Department/Professor at a college in upstate New York, and is happily married.

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