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Title: Master By Choice
Author: M.A. Innes
Publisher: Self published
Length: 62,000 Words.


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Jackson found his boys by accident, but taking the steps to understand what they need has been a deliberate decision. Only weeks into getting to know his pups, Jackson can already picture a future with Sawyer and Cooper. He just needs to show them that no matter what the obstacle, he?s their master by choice and nothing will change that.

Cooper and Sawyer made a family together when everyone else turned their backs on them. Daydreaming about the day they?d find Master Right helped to fill the empty place in their family. As Jackson starts to merge into their life, none of the men know exactly how it will look. The only thing they?re sure of is that sometimes the best family isn?t the one you?re born with, but the one you choose.




Excerpt 1



?Do you really think that?s a good idea?? Watching Cooper eat was giving me a stomachache, but when he started eyeing another cotton candy, it was time to draw the line.

?But?? He gave Jackson a pouting took.

Jackson shook his head like we were both silly and leaned close to whisper in Cooper?s ear. Whatever he said was probably dirty, but it kept Cooper from begging for more sugar, so I was grateful. Cooper just grinned and gave me a wicked look before nodding. ?Yes, Master.?

Yup, dirty.

Jackson didn?t seem to mind. He smiled at Cooper and reached out to cup his cheek. ?Don?t drive Sawyer nuts.?

Cooper didn?t even bother to hide what he was doing. ?But it?s sooo much fun.?

Laughing, Jackson gave him a look like Cooper was the funniest thing he?d ever seen. ?But you?re already getting a spanking tonight. If you push Sawyer too far, he might not want to play with us later.?


Like puppy or spanking?

Cooper sighed. ?I didn?t promise to be good. Besides, Sawyer loves me.? Cooper leaned into Jackson?s touch but peeked over at me and blew me a kiss. It wasn?t terrible as far as PDAs went, but the lady standing beside us waiting for her chance to order blinked wide, and her mouth fell open.

She?d either been eavesdropping or had a dirty mind, because we hadn?t been that bad.

?Come on.? I tilted my head, trying to point out the nosy woman. ?Let?s drag him away before he makes himself sick.?

?No fun.? Cooper straightened but started cleaning up his mess from the cotton candy. I thought he was going to behave, but as he stood up, he leaned close to Jackson and kissed his cheek. ?I?ll be a good boy.? Then the minx leaned over and kissed mine.

Shocked didn?t even begin to describe her face.

But any guilt I felt fell away when instead of spewing religious shit at us, she just brought out her cell phone and took our picture. Some people had no boundaries.

Cooper loved it. He beamed and giggled as we all stood up and started walking away. I thought we were in the clear, but then he looked back over his shoulder, whispering loudly. ?It?s even better than you?re imagining.?


I was going to kill him.

Jackson wasn?t helping the situation either. He laughed and brought his hand up to ruffle Cooper?s hair like he was a cheeky little sub, not a naughty slut who needed a spanking.


Damn it. Either way, the shit got what he wanted.

Shaking my head, I herded them away before we ended up YouTube sensations or worse, a Facebook meme. ?You make me crazy.?

Jackson reached out and cupped my face, seemingly unconcerned about the show of affection. ?He keeps us on our toes.?




Excerpt 2

?This is so sticky, and it just gets everywhere.? Cleaning up took forever.

The damned stuff was everywhere.

?Then don?t wave your hands around next time you?ve got raw dough on them.? Sawyer rolled his eyes and went back to loading the dishwasher.

?It didn?t seem like that big of a mess while I was making the biscuits. But this crap is like old cum. It?s everywhere and sticky.? Balancing on a chair while I cleaned flour and dough off a cabinet door, I ignored Sawyer?s groan.

Jackson had cooked, so we?d volunteered to clean up. Well, Sawyer had volunteered us since I?d made such a mess with the biscuits. I hadn?t been able to think up a good argument fast enough, though, so I was left wiping down every surface in the kitchen.

?I didn?t go on this side of the kitchen. How is there so much flour??

Sawyer didn?t even look at me. ?You talk with your hands. We?ve had this conversation three times in the last five minutes. Just wipe down the flour. I?m almost done, and you keep dawdling.?

Because if I took long enough, I was hoping he?d help me. Duh.

?It?s so hard.?

He turned and stuck his tongue out at me. ?I?m not doing it. I?m going to go cuddle with Master while you scrape cum off the ceiling.?

?Meanie.? But I had to laugh because the picture in my head was too weird. ?How hard do you think I?d have to orgasm to get cum on the ceiling??


Author Bio

I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom romance and bdsm romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. Michael is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments.

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