Sue’s Quickies:: Love Comes After by Kate Hawthorne


Title: Love Comes After

Author: Kate Hawthorne

Pages: 277


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Bennet James’s world is imploding. 


His relationship with his best-friend, lover, and longtime partner, Aiden, is falling apart because Bennet is no longer enough for him in bed. Their differences are getting the better of them and, for the first time in eight years, Bennet doesn’t see a path toward the future he’s always hoped for.


Aiden Hennessy is devastated. 


The night Bennet breaks off their relationship, Aiden’s world crumbles at his feet. He’s never envisioned a life that doesn’t involve Bennet, and he doesn’t know how to mend the divide between them until the day he comes home early and walks in on something he thinks could be the answer to their problems.


Chris Wheeler doesn’t do emotions. 


Three years after an unexpected and catastrophic loss, Chris has mastered the art of keeping men at arm’s length. Casual flings and one-night stands have become his standard. But one night everything changes when he’s propositioned in a parking lot by a copper-haired bartender and his dejected lover.


Aiden, Chris, and Bennet tumble into a complicated strings-free relationship that leads them right into more heartbreak and tragedy. Admitting their feelings and finding a way to heal their wounds together is the only way for them to see if love can still come after all they?ve survived. 


Authors Note: Please read the preface for content advisory 




Sue’s Quick Review


Oh how I love Kate?s books.


This one I think is my favourite of this series. Bennet sweet sweet Bennt and Aiden.


Aiden who loves to be hurt The way they bring Chris into the relationship was done amazingly well.

Aiden wanted Bennet to hurt him during sex. Bennet couldn?t so they brought in Chris to hurt Aiden and give Bennet what he needed too.


It was all consensual but there was obvious problems along the way. Chris, damn his back story broke my heart. Really he went through a lot of pain.


Aiden and Bennet were good together just not perfect. This was done really well and I love it. A few tense moments but nothing over the top.


Plus?..We get a book for Rich. I can?t wait for his story. I?m loving this author more and more x