Review: Almost Strangers by MA Inns and R. Pheonix



Title: Almost Strangers

Authors: M.A. Innes, R Pheonix

Words: 62k Words

Genre’s: MM, Roleplay, Puppy Play, Romance

Release Date: 23rd March 2018



Reviewed By Josh 




Two brothers, who share their late parents’ house, are passing ships in the night, strangers that happen to house share.  So different from one another, that they just seem to rub each other in the wrong way.  That is…..


Adrian is a student, and his assignment is to study puppy play, so he buys a collar and tail with the aim of trying out being a pup, with no real knowledge of why people are into puppy play. 


Owen walks in on his brother who is naked with just a collar around his neck and a tail (butt plug) at his side.  Adrian tries to explain he is just researching pup play, but Owen does not believe that.


What follows is a story of two strangers who happen to be brothers, learning about each other and exploring their kinky side as Master and pup along the way. 


Adrian is finally able to let himself relax and do nothing but obey his master’s orders.  It becomes obvious to him why there is a growing trend of human pups and he finds out first hand what people get out of being a pup.


On the other side of the coin Owen who has been fighting his attraction for his older brother for years, and in doing so, caused a rift between them.  He knows that their budding relationship is illegal and wrong in societies eyes, but who are they hurting? 


And to see Adrian’ tightly wound springs unwrap as he becomes a pup, is reason enough to continue, but he also finds being a Master and taking control of his brother whilst they are in a scene together is such a huge turn on.


They both fight their fears, guilt and insecurities and they find out that they are not so different at all.  Just one half of a twosome.


The characters are so real, Owen is snarky at first but you soon see the real Owen flourish in their kinky fun, and we see he himself has insecurities, but he is able to leave them behind when he is with his collared and tailed pup.


Adrian, is shy, insecure and constantly worried and so tightly wound, but he also flourishes, becoming more relaxed and confident.


But can their taboo relationship last?



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