Randall & Hudson (Beautiful Shame) By M A Innes


Series: Beautiful Shame

Book: Two

Author M.A. Innes

Pages 181






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Randall isn?t looking for love.


When someone likes being watched and wicked things turn them on, nice guys avoid them like the plague. Randall has learned his lesson. He looks too vanilla and sweet for people to accept that what he wants is?embarrassing and dirty. 



Hudson isn?t looking for love.


He doesn?t have anything against it. He just doesn?t have time for it. Growing the family business and keeping everything under control is taking up more time than he?d ever anticipated. But sometimes, fate has other plans?like finding an innocent, submissive, naughty little thing and dropping him right in Hudson?s lap.

Hudson knows he and Randall are opposite sides of the same coin and would be perfect for each other. He just has to convince Randall that what he wants isn?t dirty or shameful, and that it?s okay to stand up for himself.







What do you do when you get turned on by being watched by stranger.  When they make you bend over and they ogle your butt.   Randall is that boy, He enjoys being watched and put into humiliating situations.  Part of the reason is to escape from conforming to what the world expects him to be.  


Randall does have some hang ups, with his behaviour, he things its bad and dirty, instead of hot and fun.   That is until?


Hudson comes along and sweeps Randall off his feet.  Hudson is just the Dom to give Randall everything he needs.   Hudson likes to push Randall?s barriers and enjoys watching him squirm in humiliating situations, but he also is very protective of Randall and shows him that what they both enjoy is not bad or dirty but healthy fun and hot.


We watch how Randall flourishes under his Dom?s authority and becomes Hudson?s Dirty Angel.

M A Innes has really wrote a master piece with this book.  The heat levels are high (Who does not like sweaty bodies lol).  The humiliation is embarrassingly hot, but also respectful, there is no demeaning of Randall as a person. The Author has done an excellent balancing of humiliation and respect, not an easy task in such a novel.


So if you want a sweat n’ dirty, naughty but good read, Randel and Hudson are your guys.



Author M.A.  Innes


I write as Shaw Montgomery and M.A. Innes. Normally I write femdom romance and bdsm romance under the name Shaw Montgomery. Michael is my alter ego who loves kinkier things like age play and other fun fantasies. I love hearing from readers so please feel free to ask questions or make comments.