Review:: Why I Need You By Collette Davison



Book Title: Why I Need You

Author: Colette Davison

Publisher: Smudged Ink Press

Cover Artist: Charlotte L R Kane

Genre/s: LGBT contemporary romance

Length: Words: 83,000 No. of Pages: 312







Why I need you is such a heart warming story of two guys with huge baggage they are carrying.  We were introduced to Fin in book one (Why I left you).  Fin?s parents were killed in a car accident and he left to go home.


We pick up Fin?s story where he has settled into a routine of bringing up his 8-year-old sister Olivia, Working and studying.  He has no time for fun or meeting anyone else and has convinced himself that all he wants out of life is to Bring up Olivia the best way he can.  That is until he is called into work at the restaurant on his night off.


On the same night Noah is at the restaurant celebrating his ultra conservative fathers Birthday.  Noah has done a good job of hiding his sexuality, until this fateful night he set eyes on the waiter named Fin.  And is called out for looking at the hot waiter by his sister?s faience and all hell breaks loose.


What follows is a heart breaking yet heart warming story of both young men, trying to build a relationship and dealing with their personal baggage.  Both reluctant to be fully open to the other. 


Noah slowly comes out of his shell from being oppressed by his parents.  Fin realises it is ok to take time out for his own happiness.   Each of them do not believe their relationship will have a happy ending.   Noah thinks Fin will lose patients with him slowly coming out of his shell.  And Fin holds back on telling Noah that he is his sisters guardian, believing Noah will run a mile, not wanting to be tied down to a readymade family.


I really like the way Colette shows us the internal battles each character is going through.  Both Characters are sweet and sexy, and made for each other.  Neither one of them is more broken or stronger than the other, like is so many stories.   I love the humour Olivia and Martin bring to the story.   It is a heart warming story without being too soft and sloppy.


This is only Colette?s second novel and I am so excited to see how her writing journey develops.



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