Take It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 2


Take It

The Keswick Chronicles Book 2

By Victoria Kinnard

Publisher: Encompass Teen

Pages 222



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Fame comes at a price.

Not everyone can pay it.

Are you ready for everything to change?

This is your chance.

Take it.


* * *

Your favorite band is back.


Jack, JJ and Forever Fading Echoes return in “Take It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 2“. Getting the band together was the easy part. Keeping the band together when fame and success come calling? That’s a whole other story…







?I?m sorry.?


Jude was lying with his back to the bedroom door, sheets shoved down angrily by his hips, the strong curve of his spine still visible in the patchwork of light filtering in from the open window.


I hesitated in the doorway. I wanted to lie down with him, close my eyes and forget the whole night had ever happened. It was our last night in LA for a while, it was supposed to be fun, the sort of night you reminisced about years later. Officially it was the first night of our tour and we had wanted to start off as we meant to go on ? I didn?t want to fight with Jude.


?I?m really scared,? I admitted, stepping carefully into the room to sit on the edge of our bed. He made no indication that he?d heard me. I reached out for him, trailing my calloused fingers down his arm. His skin was warm, flawless.


?I just keep thinking about what we?d do if the band didn?t work out, you know? Jess gave up a shot at medical school to be here. Dylan passed up on MIT. You turned your back on your dad, Jude. If we don?t make it?it?ll all have been for nothing,? I explained, voice low and unsteady. He shivered at my touch.

?I love you, Jack,? he replied, turning to face me. His eyes were bleached silver by the moonlight, wide and agonized when they met mine. ?I love you so much that it?s part of who I am now. I?m not gonna hold back, I?m not gonna change. Fuck the record label and fuck anyone who thinks the fact that I love you changes a thing about how good our band is .?


?Fuck ?em all, huh?? I smiled, overwhelmed by affection for him. He sat up, hair falling around his face. I tucked it behind his ears, pulling him in for a kiss.


I tipped his head back to deepen the kiss, catching his bottom lip between my own. He sighed against my mouth, wrapping his arms around my neck and swinging a leg over my lap. His skin burned under the sweep of my hands and I kissed him with everything I had. He was all I wanted, all I ever wanted ? I couldn?t lose sight of that, no matter what happened with the band.


I flipped him onto his back, pressing him into the squeaking mattress so I could cover his body with my own. I sat up for a split second to pull my shirt over my head, earning a fond smile from Jude when my dark hair crackled with static electricity. I bent over him, catching his swollen lips in another searing kiss and grinning into his mouth when he arched up against me, his knees grazing my hips.


?I love you too,? I whispered, pressing open mouthed kisses along his jaw, down his throat, across the elegant sweep of his collarbone. I could taste the heat under the skin, I savored it. I tried and failed to imagine a life where I didn?t get to have those moments with Jude.


He tangled his fingers with mine, holding tight. I dropped a kiss to his knuckles, gaze caught in his tear studded eyelashes, the darkening bruise I?d bitten into his neck. He huffed impatiently, pulling me into another fiery kiss and I forgot everything, just for a little while.








I found this novel to be a real surprise.  I have not read book one yet, and thought I may struggle to get into this one.   


I found the author has created a book that could be a standalone, but obviously reading book one, fills in the gaps and gives you a greater understanding of the characters.


Book Two starts just before the band hit the big time and are about to go on the road again. 


Success is in their grasp and everything seems to be going well.  JJ is lapping up being the front man of the band.  


But Jack who is the brains and structure of the band is hiding a secret from his friends.  He is struggling to cope with the fame and lifestyle of being in a band on the cliff of fame, his aunt Rose is diagnosed with Cancer, which brings back memories of his mother suffering and dying of the same desiese   He  turns to the bottle to help him cope with his increasing anxiety.  The rest of the band notice but do not know how to help Jack.


Then everything comes to a stop when Jack collapses and the band talk him into going to a rehab clinic.

We see how Jack must work his way back from the darkness and learn how to cope in the future.  He struggles with his self-worth, believing the band no longer needs him.


Meanwhile JJ is working his socks off as the front man, and trying to fill jack?s shoes, keeping everything moving forward.


I really love these two boys.  Their love for one another is never in doubt, even at the darkest moments.  JJ would do anything for Jack, but jack struggles to understand how someone as handsome and confident as JJ would stick with him.


The story is of dreams, love, struggle self honesty and most of all strength.  It is another five star book from Victoria, the author of the amazing young adult paranormal  series The Red Sun Rises.




Fake It

The Keswick Chronicles Book 1

By Victoria Kinnard

Publisher: Encompass Teen

Pages 183



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Author Bio:



Victoria lives in Glasgow, Scotland with her French Bulldog, Charlie and her pug, Mr T. She graduated from the University of Strathclyde in 2009 with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Journalism, Creative Writing and English Lit. Victoria has been writing since she was 15 years old. She loves rock music, and most of her tattoos are related to bands that she loves!

Victoria’s debut novel, “The Red Sun Rises” was published by CHBB Publishing in 2013. “The Red Sun Rises” was the first novel in Victoria’s LGBT YA parano

rmal romance series of the same name and was followed by “The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash”, “(Birth)Day of the Dead” and “The Red Sun Rises: Seven Letters”.


In 2016, Victoria moved away from paranormal romance to release “Fake It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 1”, the first novel in her YA contemporary romance series. The sequel, ?Take It: The Keswick Chronicles Book 2? was released on January 18th, 2018.







The Kindle Hub Best LGBT YA Novel 2014 – awarded to “The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash

S&T Awards Best LGBT Book 2nd Place – awarded to “Fake It

Nerd Girl 5 Star Review – awarded to “The Red Sun Rises“, “The Red Sun Rises: Fire and Ash” and “Fake It

Black Words White Pages 5 star review – awarded to “Fake It

Reader’s Favorite 5 Star review – awarded to “Fake It

Rainbow Awards 2016 Finalist/Honourable Mention – awarded to “Fake It

Chapter.Con Most Loveable Couple Award 2017 (fan voted) – awarded to Eren Anderson and Corbijn Cohen from The Red Sun Rises Series