The Red Sun Rises Box Set By Victoria Kinnaird

A fantastic series, full of action, love, humour.   I loved every page of this series.  My favorite character is Corbijn,  Erins (not boyfriend!).  
Although the story is set in a modern world, you really get a feeling of the mystical world within the real world.   Very descriptive writing.   The characters are real and really do compliment each other perfectly.  We have snazzy dressed vampire Corbijn,  We have the cool logical Erin. leading the gang from Magic/ Vampire wars, to investigations to diplomatic missions.   And all three novels are tied up nicely in a surprising way, but you will just have to buy the books to find out how.  The author certainly put the characters through their paces, and there were heartaches along the way.  I heard a rumor that there may be more to come from Erin and Corbijn  and co.   I can not imagine what they might get involved in if they do return.   But I know I will be first in line to buy anymore of the series.
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