Quinn’s Destiny (A Companion’s Tale #1) by Emily Jean


This story is a cleverly woven with three main characters being Quinn A being created by warlocks, Desmond a warlock and Ralph a vampire prince.
Quinn is the central character, known as a warlock companion, created just a year ago to help the warlocks get the upper hand in the war that has been raging between warlocks and vampires. All seems straight, forward right?

It should have been, but fate has other ideas. A chain of events starts when Quinn?s warlock master is killed by Ralphs vampire brother. This sets Ralph on a mission to find Quinn, to see how his brother was killed.

When Ralph catches up with Quinn and takes him prisoner to question him. There is an instant attraction between them, a pull to each other.

Then the creator of Quinn comes after him and takes him back to Warlock territory. Where Quinn finds out he is not just a standard companion, He also has the same kind of pull toward Desmond his maker.

Quinn is caught between the two men, who are on opposite sides. Can they work a way for them to live together, can they find a solution? All this is happening in a bitter war that rages on around them.


The story is about trust, understanding and adjusting and hopefully finding common ground. The book paints a vivid story with three very different characters that weave a complicated life ahead.


The story is an exciting read, nicely paced and vivid descriptions.

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