Adrian’s Bodyguard (Vampires of Vadin #1) by Shelby Rhodes





Adrian is the vampire king, who is currently the target of a unknown assassin.  Being around,10,000 years old, he has given up on love, and without love has become tired of life.  He set against the idea of having a personal bodyguard babysitting him.  He believes all attempts on his life have been easily dealt with, why would he need help now?  


Xavier has agreed to be a body guard to the Vampire King, Expecting the task to be just another ordinary bodyguard duty.  But what he finds is a stubborn, immature man that fights against him being his protector.   But Xavier is also attracted to Adrian and fights his feeling for the King.  Trying to remain professional, after all what could come of it, they are from different worlds.


What follows is a story of changes and adaption, with some home truths.  Can Adrian allow Xavier   into his heart.  He has to decide whether to risk Adrian leaving him.


All this is going on as an unknown person is out to kill the king.I found the clash of personalities interesting and occasionally even funny. The story was well paced and descriptively written.  Drawing me into the story world.


I look forward to book 2


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